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  1.  Special Features In The Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 Blu Ray.


    In response to the complaint in the previous review I`d just like to point out having got mine today that the Fantasia Legacy special features are available on this box set. Unfortunately though you can only see them on the Fantasia 2000 blu ray if your blu ray player has BD Live and is internet connected to download them in the Disney Video Vault section of the special features onto a formatted memory stick. If you have a basic blu ray player that doesn`t have this facility you won`t be able to access them with it. It does say in small writing on the back of the case that some people may not be able to access all the features and I supect this is what has happened to the previous reviewer. Good job she has those features on dvd already. I`m watching it all tonight and can`t wait!

  2.  Play.com Have The Omen Blu Ray.


    The first and best of the the Omen film series is available seperatly on Blu Ray exclusively from Play.com. I have it and the transfer although not as good as say new films on Blu Ray is still the best the film has ever looked. I don`t have the trilogy on Blu Ray just standard DVD.

    The first film is probably my favourite ever horror film a masterpiece and every bit as much of a classic and as terrifying as The Exorcist. It`s the music that really unsettles you choral numbers that sound like a black mass summouning Satan. The evil child of the devil Damian and his sinister nanny from hell Mrs Baylock brilliantly played by Billie Whitelaw ruthlessly bump off anyone who threatens to come between Damien and his evil destiny. The second movie is also really good although not quite as good as the first but the thrid film is a big disappointment with the series turning unintentionally funny with clunky dialogue and a silly script. The fourth film available seperatly or on The Omen Quadilogy DVD Set with Damiens daughter kicking off the cycle all over again is also disappointing. Well worth having though for the first two films.