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  1.  Total War: Shogun 2


    Was really exited for this game and when it finally came out i was not dissapointed. Unit detail is spectacular, the campaign map is vast and enjoyable. The studying of different arts, ally's actually helping you instead of betraying you all the time like in previous total war games makes a much more enjoyable experience. The multiplayer makes it feel much more unique to a player, having your own Avatar which you can customise with bows, armour etc...the campaign can be frustrating at times, settlements rebelling with vast armies due to religion, starvation, emigration etc. But all round, fantastic game a must have.

  2.  Call of Duty?.....


    A very anticipated game in the Call of Duty series, but have to say they failed to deliver.
    From World War 2 and Modern Warefare.....they've gone a completley different direction, and its a fail! Gameplay is brilliant as usual, the graphics are fine, the storyline in single player...what the hell happened? the multiplayer graphics and gameplay fail to beat MOH and BFBC2's triumphs, its buggy, the zombie multiplayer is so fun, but near impossible to get on due to bugs and errors that NEED to be fixed. All in all, its an okay game, but is not worth the money or the year long wait.

  3.  Medal of Honor


    Can't beleive how short the single player was......all these months and months of hype for a few hours of single player, downloaded last night, finished this afternoon, hav'nt actually been at it for long. Gob smacked how dissapointed it is, that being said......good gameplay, great multiplayer, pretty good maps and great cinematics.