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  1.  Brilliant!


    The best guitar hero i've played since GH3. The setlist is more up beat, moshing style. The career layout "quest" is brilliant very time consuming. They have got rid of the countdown when you pause the game and have included a rewind system, that rewinds the song to your last hit note, so that you have that period of time to pick up the rythm again. Graphics Brilliant, songs brilliant, game BRILLIANT!

  2.  compatibility


    This drum kit is excellent- well worth the money, i did have some hassle with one of the sellers about ps2 compatibility after seeing it work on youtube with a ps2. so i bought it at a risk to prove my point, and IT WORKS A TREAT ON THE PS2!!!!!!!! the pads are excellent (but collect dust quickly) and again yes the cymbals are a bit loud when hitting them but sod it its worth it !!!!! BUY BUY BUY



    Many people have been complaining about the drum kit not working properly like the yellow symbol not working or pads being set off without even touching it. Mine done exactly the same no matter what pad i hit the yellow symbol set itself off throughout a song- then when i hit the yellow symbol it didnt go off which was ridiculous. after contacting RED OCTANE- they sent me a midi-usb cable which you use to attach the drum kit to the pc using the drum tuner kit (which you can download free from red octane) from here you can change the sensitivity of the drum pads up or down- but the only downside is you have to also have the game and drum kit on the console too to test the sensitivity. hope this helps. :D

  4.  Dont listen to these people


    first of all i have had this drum kit for about a year now, i purely bought it because i was so disappointed with the amount of problems i had with the GUITAR HERO DRUM KIT (due to the high sensitivity of the pads-which i have now fixed). this drum kit works perfectly fine with both Rockband and Guitar hero games. People who have had breakage problems with the drum pedal are generally those who stamp hard on the pedal- because as i said, i have had mine for a year and the pedal i have had no problem with. Yes the noise of the tapping is loud but generally the sound can disappear when YOU TURN YOUR TV UP! overall an excellent pice of kit- well worth the price it has been given.

  5.  excellent


    This is an excellent edition of the world renowned card game, if your a lad these are the cards for you and could be quite valuable in the near future.

  6.  A Game or a Legend?


    OK- Activision have put some of the best tracks from the orignial guitar heros as a band.- the tracks are excellent all complete master tracks so you dont have queen sounding like McFly! The only downside to this game is that the gameplay isn't exactly hard and the game is over within an hour- but justifying this is the fact that you can play through the fire and flames or rock and roll all night on drums which to me is awesome. People say this is not the best of games compared to Metallica but what you have to take into mind is that they didnt spend that long on this game as they were only updating old to new whereas GH: Metallica was a new creation from scratch and they had to make a well renowned band to look even bigger and better during gameplay. Anyone who is interested in buying this game should only if they have a drum kit as well otherwise your best off with Guitar Hero 2.