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  1.  Beautiful and inspiring


    While I understand where these other reviewers are coming from, I honestly think this is one of the most beautiful and haunting films you'll see this year. Those who were unimpressed with Antichrist's pretentiousness and extremities will find much to enjoy in Fabrice Du Welz's story of a couple who are driven to madness through the loss of their son. The sound design alone demonstrates Du Welz's ability to captivate an audience and draw him into his world of isolated hell.

    A must of horror and arthouse fans alike.

  2.  Absolute hilarity!


    Adult Swim's Robot Chicken returns for a second series, and it definitely doesn't disappoint. I cannot believe this show isn't big over here - it's easily up there with South Park and Family Guy as one of the best adult animated series around.

    Highlights from this particular series include Mario and Luigi racing around Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto style, Bugs Bunny doing an 8-Mile style rap battle with Elmer Fudd, and many more hilarious skits using licenced characters from a whole world of popular culture and fiction.

    Well worth picking up.

  3.  I cannot wait for this


    As a lifelong Herzog fan I'm so excited for this upcoming boxset. Although Grizzly Man is already available on DVD and Encounters at the End of the World is being released separately, the other three films aren't currently available and two (La Soufriere and the Flying Doctors) are really hard to come by.

    A must for any Herzog collector and fans of TV programmes like Planet Earth.

  4.  Hilarious horror spoof


    Having heard a lot about the guys behind Flight of the Conchords I was keen to check out what their stuff was all about. Even though I've never seen the series I loved this feature length horror comedy, which had the perfect balance of laughs and scares.

    If you don't know anything about Flight of the Conchords please don't let it put you off this great horror spoof.

  5.  Incredible documentary


    Werner Herzog ventures back into documentary after Rescue Dawn and delivers a thrilling piece of cinema that more than lives up to Grizzly Man. While Encounters may lack the emotional
    impact that Grizzly Man had, it makes up for it through featuring a host of interesting characters whose love of science and the study of animals have led them to the remotest parts of Antarctica. The cinematography is also breathtaking, with huge landscape shots of the desolate ice and stunning underwater footage of the weirdest marine creatures imaginable.

    Herzog once again delivers a superb voiceover, and this time finds much humour inhis own observations.

    I'd highly recommend this film, both for lovers of nature documentaries and cinema in general.

  6.  Absolutely terrifying!


    I really enjoyed this - a creepy yet enjoyable horror from the guy who made Shrooms (which I didn't like at all).

    Red Mist follows a group of student doctors who bully and victimise their fellow student Kenneth. When a prank goes too far and horribly wrong, Kenneth winds up in a coma. All is fine until the group are picked off one by one in a series of grisly murders. Could Kenneth be responsible for these crimes from within his coma?

    Paddy Breathnach pulls out all the stops with the murder scenes, which are as inventive as they are terrifying. A particular highlight for me was a scene involving a funnel and some medical acid - it will make you squirm from behind the sofa.

    Starring the gorgeous Arielle Kebbel (The Uninvited) and featuring Primeval's Andrew Lee Potts as Kenneth, Red Mist is a fantastic horror you really shouldn't miss.