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  1.  Uncharted 2: Among Perfection


    Going to keep this short.

    This game goes far beyond the 1st game. The story is much more appealing, the characters have much more deapth, and you'll feel much more compelled to watch this game in 1 play through.

    The gameplay is great, it'll remind you a bit of God of War 2, in that regard that there are many ingame cinematics that are interactive. I loved it.

    So, to make it even shorter, buy this game. It's great fun, and looks stunning. Also, there are a lot of trophies.

  2.  No More Repetition


    Sooooooo, let's get this out of the way. The game is good. Yes, it's funny, and yes, it plays good.

    ok, phew, because what I'm about to say, may suprise you. The game is empty, Basically you are a nerd, who bought a Lightsaber online, and decided to become an assassin. But, in order to become the best assassin, you have to kill the top 10 assassins in all of Santa Destroy (that the name of the town).

    The concept is good, though done before, good. But, the problem is, you have to earn money, in order to get to these assassinations. And to do that, you have to do jobs. Although they are pretty fun, they are repetative, and act more like a filler to the game.

    And that's all you do, work, fight, work, fight, it's repetative, and actually, it becomes boring. You have to travel through the town, on a big bike, but there's nothing to do. And, although this game is on the wii (a system that should be stronger then say...ps2. On the ps2, we had games like GTA, games that contained a huge amount of terrein, and things to do.

    though they shouldn't have to do THAT much, they should have at least made a few small extras, the city is pretty big, but just bland. There's nothing in it, and as a result, it all feels obsolete.

    There are upgrades for the character (strength boots, new weapons, etc), but actually, all these things feel a bit too forced, just to expand the game a bit more, but once more, it's all obsolete.

    The graphics are cool, there's room for improvement, but nothing that spoils the game. Sometimes somethings are barely visible, but again, nothing that causes that much trouble.

    The gameplay is fun, and the game responds well to the controls (something that can be frustrating with the wii). Holding the controler in a high, or low position will change your attacks, form, etc, and it make the game all that more enjoyable. It also makes the game addictive.

    The soundtrack is.......repetative. Though I'm sure they have attempted a sort of '80 's style game, including the music. It's not that much of an issue, but I do like a varying soundtrack.

    so in short, the game is fun to play, fun to watch, and a fun story, but there's nothing to do, and it does get boring, fast.

    Buy it for the price it has, it's worth it though.

  3.  Batman: Great Asylum


    Batman: Gotham asylum is unique. It's unique in that regard, that it's all been done before, but never like this.

    The game has many elements, fighting, climbing and puzzling. You've done it all before, and some might claim that it has stolen a lot from other games, but i'm going to have to disagree with that. You see, the gameplay is acctually pretty unique. It gives you a lot of freedom, and it just doesn't get old, really. Batman does a lot of moves, and gains enough things, to make this game enjoyable.

    The game also has a fun sidequest, collecting trophies from the riddler, and you'll spend a lot of time finding everything he's put down for ya.

    The story is good, but i do have to be fair, and admit i've seen better batman stories. Non the less, it is intresting enough to keep you entertained.

    Graphics are great, the mood is brilliant, and the detective mode just makes the game that more intresting.

    I can't really say that much on this game, just buy it.

    Also, a lot of trophies to be gained in this game.

  4.  Viking: The battle for worst Viking ever.


    Ok, to start of, if you have seen Lord of the Rings, then you'll be able to follow this review, if not, buy Lord of the Rings, watch it, and then read the review.

    Viking sucks. I'll put it that simple. The game has no story, no character devolopment, no expansions, repetative gameplay, no extra's, nothing at all.

    You see, the problem is, Viking is a game, that sorta resembles better games, the typical free roaming adventure game (or rpg), such as say, Oblivion, or World of Warcraft. But, they have cut down the size of the levels, making it a fairly small map, and then added lots of battles, that are just so boring and tedious (not to mention simple), that it just doesn't grow beyond that.

    The combat system is the worst. Fighting mechanics don't work well, and it gets glitchy. Locking on to people is a nightmare, and as a result, the game will annoy you to death.

    The gameplay is repetative, you basically have to go around a small map, defeating armies, and trying to rescue your own army. Once you have accomplished all these stupid tasks (the same for every freaking level!), you get to fight they big battles.

    And those big battles....look awesome. Seriously, that 's the only good thing about this game, the big battles.

    Picture Helmsdeep (Lord of the Rings), picture massive orc armies, all ready to kill, your army progresses, and you have to...kill a shaman, or something, and all this is going on, everywhere, and it looks good. That is, until you see the glitches, the poor combat, and before you know it, you are surrounded in the worst place ever. Lot's of action, but no real good way of fighting. It's bad, really bad.

    The character is also....bad. He has no voice, nor any tekst, you just have to listen to what other people say, and do what they have commanded you too. There is no story to guide you, all that you can say is that you work for Freya (Norse Goddess of Love), and you have to defeat Hell (Norse Goddess of the Underworld for normal mortals....), you you get the picture, Just fight, and forget about the rest.

    Even the graphics are poor. Seriously. I'll admit, the battles look cool, really, the way everything is so busy, it all looks great, but that's only about 1/3 of the game, and for the rest, it's just one map, but made to look a bit different. There's nothing special about it, really, just bad. Even the monsters aren't worth your time.

    The music will be very reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, theatrical, dramatic music, and that sounds good enough, but always the same theme...boring.

    so, would I recommend this game? NO! It's bad! Buy Lord of the Rings instead. Then go play a different game.

  5.  Boring Hill


    I hated Silent Hill 4, and as a result, I had lost faith in the silent hill franchise all together. the movie wasn't bad, but it just wasn't silent hill.

    Silent Hill 5 is sorta like the movie. the horror is there, but it's just not the same type of horror. there's no psychological horror, it's all gore, and obscene. You'll play as some army reject, that was sent home for some reason, only to find that your town has become....deserted. To make it worse, everybody that you have known, seems to have vanished, or become wierd.

    the concept is good, I'll give them that. there's a certain level of mystery as to what has happened, but the overall working of the story, will fail. badly.

    the gameplay is poor. it's so poor infact, that it will mess up the game. there are so many glitches in this game, that it's a suprise they could sell it like that. some levels, will have to be done in such a way, that if you fail to take it on like clockwork, the game will just get stuck, and you'll have to start all over again.

    there is also no autosave (I think they did that intentionally, for the bugs), but this can be even more frustrating, as there are even less save points in this game then before.

    Your inventory can only take that much ammo, and health items, making it suck just that bit more, as it makes no sense. how can an ordinary Joe like Harry take all that ammo, while a trained military dude, can't even take more then 2 boxes. An infinite inventory would have made this game a lot more playable. often you'll find you just don't have enough ammo to take down that monster, and coming a boss fight, you'll be all empty.

    it's just so frustrating. the combat system is just crappy, fighting with sticks or axes makes it even worse. you can't seem to get close to enemies, and as they have added (for some reason) a blocking mechanism, and evading mechanism (that don't work...), it makes the controlls even more sloppy. it horrible.

    I also hated the monster design. The game has been inspired by the movie, and those guys with the mining clothing on, will be in this game, as will that janitor guy....I hate it when they do these things. the game isn't even made by the same silent hill team, only the music.

    this game is just poor. I can't really recommend it, maybe if it was like 15 to 20 € (or pounds), but otherwise, I can't recommend it.

  6.  Screaming Hill


    Silent Hill 1 took us on a ride down uncomfortable vile, Silent Hill 2 took us to the borders of psychosis, and Silent Hilll 3 will take you to the realm of violence.

    Silent Hill 3 is a continuation of Silent Hill 1, it passes the same road, and for this, you'll have to have played SH1.
    The story follows the life of Heather, a young girl, whom is suddenly cast into a horror world, of which she has no clue of. You'll follow her, all the way to Silent Hill, but not for the first half of the game.

    The story is great, the characters are great, and once again, the limits of psychosis will be tickled once more. Though in this version, everything is so violent. The levels become more and more violent, and for once, the weapons in the game, are strangely even more violent then before (such as a flamethrower and a submachine gun). The gameplay is the same as in Silent Hill 2, and this can be a bit of a problem, as the basic combat system still has that awkward aiming problem. The camera will be more frustrating then ever before, and all this, can make the game a bit less enjoyable then before.

    But, what makes up for this, are the graphics. At first, you'll think of them as bland, unoriginal, even....ordinary, but as the game progresses, the design become more violent, even to the point that the walls will start to bleed. It's sick...it really is, and this give the game such a dramatic shock value, that you'll almost feel as if somebody has gripped you by the throat and if forcing you to play the game. it's intence, and the survival horror aspect becomes even stronger, as the game will give you a sense of security, only to pull it all away.

    the music is better then before, and if you find the cd, buy it. best ambiant music ever.

    buy this game, if you like survival horror.

  7.  Silent Heaven


    Silent Hill 1 made it all happen, but with the poor draw distance of the ps1, things could only get better. and they did. Silent Hill 2 went were Silent Hill could never take us before. The graphics pushed that edge of the ps2 that bit further, and the incredible story will just blow your mind.

    Silent Hill 2 is borderline psychotic. you are a man, in search of his dead wife, whom send him a letter...but what with being dead and all, this raises some question marks. And thus, you are headed to Silent Hill.

    The realm of Silent Hill has never looked as good, and to be honest, it never will. The structure of Silent Hill that you see, is the one that will be used for the rest of the games. the town is foggy, wierd, deserted, it's just so....silent....making it perfect for the game.

    The gameplay is a bit lacking in the fighting part (aiming will always be hard, and running isn't really your sport), so apart from the somewhat shabby controls, the game does play fairly well. The difficulty can be adjusted (even the puzzles), making the game challenging, even if you have played it before. You'll have to have your wits though, as it can be harder then you think at times.

    The music is the best, if you ever see the cd from silent hill 2, buy it also, as it has some great ambiant music on it.

    buy this game, if you like survival horror.

  8.  Silent Hill 4: The Boredom


    I'll keep this short, this game is bad. It has a weak story line, has nothing to do with Silent Hill (as it was originally made to be a different game, but at the last moment, Konami decided to make this a Silent Hill brand game), and as a result, the entire feeling of the game, is just somewhere completely different then Silent Hill.

    The concept is good though, but poorly executed. you are a man trapped in your house, you have to crawl through a hole in the wall, to reach the outside world, and once you do that, you see that everything is demonic and evil. You'll have to get through all these levels, to find a way out of your house. Nice concept. But the fault lies in the level design, the monster design, the poor graphics, and abysmal gameplay. j

    The game is playable, but only once, and after that, you'll probably never touch it again, in your life.

    Only buy this if you collect Silent Hill games, and want that 4th one to be a member of your collection, otherwise, avoid.

  9.  Resident Good


    I'm not much of a Resident Evil fan. I never played the first games, and only started since the fourth, like many of you out there I assume.

    When hearing that there was to be a Resident Evil 5, I was happy, because I like the fourth so much, I was looking forward to a new one.

    And here it is, Resident Evil 5.

    The game is good, let's start with that. It plays pretty much like the fourth one, with the same mechanics, but better graphics, and better development. But, it's still like the fourth. That's not a bad thing though, because the gameplay in resi 4 was so good, so therefor this simularity is a good thing.

    The story is...like resident evil 4, tough in this case it's a continuation of what we heard so far. and that's a good thing. some things I never understood are explained in this game, but it's still a basic zombie game.

    there's not much horror in the game, that game is more like an action game, acctually even more like a shooter then a survival horror game. so if you are looking for a survival horror, look no further, because the game is fairly easy, ammo is plentyfull, and because of the co-op aspect of the game, you won't die easy.

    Even on the hardest setting, the game is still playable. that's a good thing, and a bad thing. it's good for beginners, and might be seen as a good quick playthrough for more experienced gamers.

    The game can be played solo, with an AI controling Sheva (your partner), or you can play it with a friend, making the game that bit more better. Seriously, the AI is weak, and you'll find it frustrating to wait for it to do anything you want. So, invite a friend to your place, play the game together, and have a laugh, it is much more playable with two.

    graphics are great in this game, and even better on a decent TV screen, the music brings a lot of atmosphere to the game, though lacking a lot of difficulty, and puzzles, the game might be a little shortcoming on that part.

    anyhow, I'd advise in buying this game. it's good, plays good, and has a lot of replay value, also there's a lot of trophies, so won't get bored.

  10.  Star Wars: The Glitch Unleashed


    Now, I like Star Wars. I didn't like Star Wars Episode 1, tolerated Episode 2, loved the 3rd, and the rest are just classic. So, I like Star Wars.
    I don't like Star Wars related things. The books bored me, the mini-series (cartoons) made me sick to my stomach, and if you see all the merchandising, and huge fans these films have, you'd almost never want to have anything to do with Star Wars.

    So, when I heard that they were going to make another game, I shivered, and feared what it would be like. Nevertheless, I still tried it. And it's good. The story is great, and that's saying a lot, since there haven't been many new great Star Wars storylines. This story might aswell have been a film, because it's just that good. The new character is great, and has a lot of deapth, and the general setting is just brilliant.

    The game takes place during the end of the third movie, and the beginning of the forth. I won't mention too much of it, but you are basically the bad guy for once, and you have to do Darth Vader's dirty work. Great.

    The game plays....well, but there are soo many glitches in this game, that first playthrough might scare of a lot of people. luckily there's a patch to solve this problem, so no worries there, and with the recent trophie upgrades, there's acctually a lot to be done in this game.

    the main problem still lies within the targeting system of the game. now and again, you'll target some random piece of rock, and without knowing it, you'll be attacing that. eventually, you'll catch on to this, and find ways of targeting the bad guys faster.

    Also, the levels are repetative. some of them are just a lot of hack and slash, but that's not such a bad thing, since the apprentice moves well, and everything just looks so flashy. It's a great visual spectacle, that if played on a decent TV, could pass as a 3D movie.

    the music is also great, it's all star wars, and blends perfectly into the game. though I'd have prefered more ambiant sounds, the game does delever a special atmosphere.

    anyhow, so to conclude, a great game, a good buy, but you'll need to download those patches to make the game more playable.
    Also you can buy Two expansion levels for this game, but seeing the steep price, that might just be a bit too much to ask.