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  1. Electric


    Pet Shop Boys - CD

    25 New from  £6.53  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99



    Yes, it is possible to make a great album in only 6 months of time, thanks to Stuart Price! It is great to see the PSB back with an uplifting album. Of course, it is not as carefully planned and written as Elysium, but as a dance-album it is top-class. It takes some elements of those 80' days with 'Please'. As PSB say themselves, this must be their least "song-based" album. If you like this one, you will probably like "Disco 3" as well, the most "song-based" of the disco-series.

  2. Elysium


    Pet Shop Boys - CD

    22 New from  £3.03  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.40

     Probably the last album


    Why else call it "Elysium". PSB trying to say goodbye, very intimate lyrics. Musically, somewhere between 'Behaviour' and 'Release'. An album with no obvious singles, but a real album concept. Often those album that you keep listening to later. First half of the album, very strong. Neils' voice is lovely with doubletrack on 'Leaving, Invisible, Winner" Do not like the chorus to "Winner" too much, it's too David Hasselhoff. "Your early stuff"... very nice! A bit less with "Egomusic"... Who needs singles when no-one knows that there is one released... High quality writing as aver, "Give it a Go" is absolutely great. Do not like "Hold on" or "Everything means something". But it all ends in a dodgy style with "Requiem..." A strong album! Very nice. Sincerely hope this is not the last one.. But I fear they will anounce a "Farewell tour" early next year.

  3.  Outstanding collection


    What a great voice! Very intimate lyrics. Pure, honest and fresh. I can recommand it to anyone. Also fine she will be recording a new album at last! Check out "The moment" as well, very underrated

  4.  From another planet


    I really forgot how good it was. The remaster is certainly worth it. It even works as an album, no over-expanded tracks, enjoy the nice singles 'The Robots', 'The Model', 'Neon Lights', 'The Man-Machine', No other kraftwerk album has so many well-known tracks. Would recommend this 1978 album tot any synthpop fan!

  5. Credo


    The Human League - CD

    10 New from  £7.68  Free delivery

     Probably the last one


    Ten years after the outstanding "Secrets", the league brings you Credo. Some nice tracks (Sky, Never let me go, Breaking the chains) Some tracks to skip (Single minded, Privilige, Electric shock). Overal, not an ambitious project, too monotonous. Who likes skipping tracks? Having said this, some tracks certainly are fine, it just doesn't work as an album.

  6.  32 minutes of techno and echo-voices


    Finally Erasure pull open a new tin of tracks, 9 to be precisely, 32 minutes of music. More techno than ever, lots of echo- and computervoices. So much for the innovation. Some nice tracks (Be with you, fill us with fire, I lose myself), some not ( what will I say, you've got to save me, a whol lot of love, then I go twisting).
    Well, it can't all be as good as 'Nightbird', 'Chorus', or 'Innocents'. I do like the artwork of the album. Musically, no highflyer. I've got all erasure albums. If there will be a next album, probably listen to it before buying...

  7.  Better than the original "Electric cafe"


    Kraftwerk's 1986 album wasn't a commercial nor critical succes but it has some underrated tracks. You will find the original "Boing boom tschak" and "Musique non stop" on this album, later mixed together in one track on 1991's "The mix". Though the album just has a TRT of 37minutes, the tracks "Techno pop" and "House phone" are just not fine, or too long.
    For the remaster Kraftwerk renamed this album, originally called "Electric Cafe". I was surprised to hear the wonderful single version of "The telephone call", the only place where you can find it. "House phone" wasn't on the original album. On the original album there was a 12" of "The telephone call". Anyway, not al masterpiece, but fine for at least 4 out the 7 tracks.

  8.  A quiet, well-produced, album


    For my taste, a litte too slow. I have listened to it a couple of times, and some tracks are still quite difficult. Seal's voice is magnificent as ever. It works rather well as an album, but it would have been easier to listen to if there was a some more variety. Perhaps its is grower and it takes a little more effort than 'IV' or 'System'. If you're willing to give it some time...

    Postscript: After more than a month, i give it 4 instead of 3 stars. It IS a grower. Great!

  9.  An initiation to Kraftwerk. 70's and 80's refreshed in 90's


    Kraftwerk haven't got a real greatest hits or best of album. You could say this one, and the live album "minimum-maximum" are closest to the concept. In 'the mix" Kraftwerk did rework and remix most of their best known tracks on one album and it really works! Sounds better than most of the originals of the 70's and 80's. If you would like to have one Kraftwerk album in your collection, not only because it's chique, i would recommend this one! Remember it was reworked by Kraftwerk themselves in the early 90's. Of course, some fine tracks were not included, but you can't get it all...

  10. Nightlife


    Pet Shop Boys - CD

    8 New from  £5.61  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     A mixture of ballads and 90€s techno


    A nicely produces album. Neils lower voice is great on 'Boy strange' or with some overdubs on Vampires. The first single 'I dont know what you want...' - is not that great as a song but the production makes it sound larger than life. Some very nice ballads/slow ones (.. drunk; vampires; boy strange; footsteps). Alas, also two overproduced non-songs (For your own good, radiophonic) "Closer to heaven" is another album-highlight, shame it wasn't a single.