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  1.  Good Film!!


    I watched this after reading the book- which i LOVED!!
    I think the film is a very good effort. they left out some really good parts from the book- like maggie going to Princeton!!!!! Despite that the film was still good. I loved the characters and the sisters' love for each other despite their differences. A real good chick flick.

    I would recommend this film!!!

  2.  Are you a Maggie or a Rose?


    I bought this book as i wanted to read it before i watched the film and i absolutely loved it.

    Rose the responsible older sister and Maggie the unstable, always partying, job hoping younger sister. Very good story of sisterhood, love family and life. A book that anyone with a sister, brother or friend can relate to. The sibling rivalry is so true to any relationship and thats one of the things that makes this book so good, you can relate in some way or other.
    Very good book, Very good story!!

  3.  Nothing compared to the book!!!!!!


    I made the mistake of watching this film after enjoying the book so much. Do not watch this film before reading the book!! The english accents!! I mean they could have at least TRIED to put on foreign accents, just for authenticity sake!! The acting was somewhat poor!! They left out some really good parts from the book! I wasnt totally sold by this film. it didnt touch me they way the book did! The only good part was the ending, for two reasons; firstly because of the emotinal climax - even though they didnt do enough with it. they could have made so much more of the ending! secondly, because it was FINALLY over. The film is slow torture after reading such a good book. BUT it was an okay effort.

  4.  SUPERB!!!


    You HAVE to read this book!!
    I could not put this book down! It was so interesting to follow how the relationship between Bruno and Shmuel develops despite the circumstances. Looking at the world and the holocaust through Bruno's innocent, naive eye's and the way he views the world around him is very powerful. The book provides an escape into this world that Bruno and Shmuel have created for themselves and it is one adventure that i was definetly happy to be part of. The twist at the end was just emotional.

    You just have to read this book!!

  5.  FANTASTIC!!!!!!


    If you have not read this book, what are you waiting for?

    This is must read book! I must admit it was a bit hard to get into in the beginning, but once it starts flowing you wont want to put it down! The book is gripping, thought provoking and the twists are so good. The method of story telling, through the letters to her husband, was such a great way to deliver this story.
    You simply must read this book!!!!