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  1.  amazing album !


    Great listen , there's probably only two tracks that are weak on this and even they are still good . Battle Born and flesh and bones great starting and ending tracks to this quality album

  2.  Funny at times


    Another american pie with even more nudity ! Many hotties in this film making great eye candy, plus many funny scenes . Wasn't convinced by the cgi moose/stifler scene .Its fun to watch however it is no where near as epic or re-watchable as the first three films

  3.  Just as good if not better!


    Another thrilling season . Jack quickly regains his previous status at CTU, drafting him back into all the action. A new set of characters + jacks new love interest audrey raines. The main villan is introduced early on unlike the previous series . Action is intense , JB at his best !

  4.  Epic!


    A truly and amazing epic film, although not 100% historically correct the patriotism of william wallace shines through . If i could take one film to the grave with me , it would be this ! Never gets boring

  5.  Enjoyable film, good laugh


    This is one of those films you'l watch with your mates everynow and then for a laugh and because it is a class film. The constant loop of 80's music gives this film a great soundtrack. Good plot - rise and fall of gangsters, greed being the downfall like all . Funny quotes that will somehow slip into your every day conversation "Ye mate amigooo's "

  6.  Wow im hooked!


    Great start to the successful tv program that is 24. Is a rollercoaster of thrills, amazing acting, elistha cuthbert !?! what more could you ask for ? Buy it, you wont regret it

  7.  Edge of your seat TV!


    The second season is simply amazing. The plot is drawn out rather early and you get a sense of where the series is going - bar the twists and shocks that make this show. The mid series episode is very emotional look out for this one it will catch you off guard! From there onwards the action and plot slightly fizzled out towards the end unlike season 1 . However all in all 5/5

  8.  Edge of the seat material!


    They were sure right when they said the breakout was just the start. This series is crammed with so much tension and twists it , when you look back on the series you realise how much actully happens to all the characters . Excellent 2nd season every scene with tbag in is just pure class .

  9.  Fantastic


    Season 1 draws you in very quickly , i stumbled across the series by randomly channel hopping and after a couple weeks of commited viewing i became hooked. Its an excellent series who i would recommend to anyone , so much tension and twists set this tv series up to be the best out there

  10.  a good finish


    Prison Break ulitmately started with a break out and ends with a break in (+ another break out if u include bonus episodes). From the start this show was edge of your seat material. With excellent characters and a brilliant plot PB is one of the best series that has been around on TV. Season 1+ 2 were excellent , season 3 lacked due to the writer strikes and it felt very rushed. However season 4 closes the series of with many twists and turns but leaves you feeling satisfied after 4 years of waiting !