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  1.  WOW!!!!


    arrived today and was very surprised as not due til september. what can i say its huge and very detailed. a lot of attention to detail and excactly as i was expecting. the gold colouring is not as vibrant as the pics but that is a good thing i think? the machine gun noise is pretty naff and cheap sounding but it will only be a display piece anyway. it has far more detail than the gold lancer from gears 2 and i think is a lot better. the box it comes in is huge and even then you still have to attach the bayonet to the gun out of the box. for me this is one of those items that could be looked at as a childs toy and overly expensive but i think its worth every pound!! (just take a look on ebay at how much people are charging for the lancer from gears 2 and that may sway your mind)

  2.  excellent!!


    this is a excellent puzzle that is really good quality. the picture is detailed and colours are very vibrant.i was planning on leaving this unopened but my 2 girls convinced me otherwise.they sat together and completed this in a few hours. i think that as mario fans themselves it kept their attention to completion. i was so pleased that i have also purchased the mario galaxy puzzle for them to do

  3.  really good film but for proper resi fans!!


    let me start by saying this is nothing to do with the hollywood resi films.this cgi film whilst an original story cleverly links some events surrounding the GAMES set after resi 4.the story is the usual over the top,highly unbelievable stuff that us resi fans are used to and love!!the cgi is very good apart from id say the lip synching.i assume this would be so it can be easily dubbed for a wider release?
    look i like the resi films with alice very much but i find them such a train wreck in how pieces from the games are used out of context.ie the lickers,the train,nemesis,mercenries,majini executioner yes i could go on for ages!! but i still enjoy the ride. with this film the effort has been made to keep things in a sense of order and that is why i enjoyed it so much.it is far from perfect but still worth a watch at only 4quid.

  4.  excellent!!


    this is a excellent figure and was well worth the wait.this one is of ezio in his black master assassins outfit.please note there is also a version of ezio in the white assassins outfit as well and its well worth getting the 2. overall it has a very good paint job with a lot of detail.i cannot comment on the articulation of this as i well never open him.but all the same he stands very well in the box for viewing with hidden blades out.having searched the web this is about the cheapest you find him so be warned this type of figure usually only increases in value so grab whilst you can before people start charging stupid money.

  5.  fantastic!!


    i waited for the price to drop before ordering this one as i felt 50quid was just to much choosing to order the bunny mask set instead.well upon opening this i was very surprised firstly with the level of detail and workmanship.this is made of a resin and is actually quite heavy. i must add also say it is a lot heavier than the bunny mask.it has leather style straps inside so you can get a good fit for your face which i was impressed with.the bunny mask only having a piece of elastic? i suppose overall this is a specialist piece but a worthwhile addition to the bioshock collection.

  6.  so glad i didnt pay full price!!


    let me begin by saying these are very good headphones,very stylish and eye catching and top quality build.but then i plugged them in! perhaps i was expecting greatness because of the classy look,brand, colour and overall reviews of other skullcandy products but i was instantly dissapointed.yes they are very loud and quite crisp but are very crackly at volume and cannot deliver the level of bass i was expecting.i spent over 3 hours going through my music library testing different styles of music and changing settings on my player but they could not satisfy what i needed from them.in the end i went back to my faithful sub 10quid creatives i purchased nearly 2 years ago and the difference was startling. i will keep these but will only use them if my creatives die and i have to wait for replacements to arrive. i suppose i can recommend them for 14quid but never pay full price as they are just not worth it.

  7.  great figure poor packing!


    this is a great addition to the assassins range highly detailed with a good paint job.there is also a version of this figure in the black master assassin clothing so keep your eyes peeled.as a collector i will never open him so cannot comment on the articulation.my only gripe was the postage a little sloppy play seem to change postage at xmas opting for a smaller box.this caused a little crushing.overall id give this figure a 4 it could have been a 5 if it was packed with a little more care.

  8.  bargain


    this is a great figure with a good paint job and 35 points of movement meaning you can get him into alsorts of poses.for a fiver this is a bargain

  9.  Excellent!!!


    this figure is excellent, after waiting for months on pre-order i am not dissapointed.the splicer has an excellent paint job and is highly detailed including a mask a tommy gun and a rolling pin!!!
    this figure is a great addition to the bioshock 2 collection.

  10.  Excellent!!!


    i waited for this one on pre-order for months and it was worth the wait. they are only small standing around 3 and a half inches high.but that puts them in perfect scale with the other figures from the collection. they are highly detailed and have excellent paint jobs.well worth 11.99!!!