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  1.  Avoid this and watch Avengers Assemble instead


    Very rarely do i feel compelled to write a review, especially for a truly dreadful film like Battleship, but I feel the need to readdress the balance for the ludicrous 5 star ratings others have given it.

    If like me, you can turn your brain off to watch a blockbuster film, and manage to enjoy the big budget, over the top special effects, and weak dialogue, eg: anything by Michael Bay, then you are STILL going to be massively disappointed.

    The acting is terrible, the cast is terrible (except Liam Neeson whose role is so brief it is not worth him being there) the plot is pathetic, and the ending is so ridiculous that it makes Independence Day seem intelligent.

    This film could have been so much more: the fact it has Liam Neeson in it, that Battleships are used to take on alien vessels, how cool are Battleships?...very, very cool in my opinion...however, what is seriously uncool (perhaps as uncool as is humanly possible) is to use these amazing ships in a manner almost identical to the board game Battleships, in a deliberate movie / board game tie in.

    So you may ask yourself, just how exactly do you make a movie version of the board game Battleships? The answer is: if you had any common decency whatsoever, then you do not!

    What next? perhaps a movie franchise about Hungry Hippos starring Sir Ian McKellan and the girl from the Black Eyed Peas

  2.  Conversion! what conversion


    I recently bought this blu ray thinking that I had got a bargain. Unfortunately I couldn't be more wrong. This is without doubt the worst quality blu ray I have ever had the misfortune to witness. If you thought 28 Days Later and Gone in 60 Seconds were bad then prepare yourself for a shock, this makes them look good in comparison. To date it's the only blu ray I have found which doesn't even output at 1080P. Even at 720P it looks extremely rough. Don't waste your money, you would be better off with the DVD.