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  1.  Clear Skys Since Patches


    I love this game for it's mix of shooting and adventure but in it's original incarnation it was a broken shell of a great game. Now though it has the 1.5.05 patch and I very much think it has lost its beta tag. the game runs well on my mid range rig and no longer crashes while playing it.. The quests can now mostly be accomplished. The faliure 99% now coming from the giver being killed. For this game before the MOD community get hold of it, it is really now or never.

  2.  Paradise is RIGHT


    I was skeptical about the free form layout but apart from no map jumping (to get back to the start of a race or to a race on the otherside of the game world) this game is great. Fast, Fun and exciting. Point of note when you need to do the burning lap for a car it is the only one with the star in it (So you don't have to check everyone). Multiplay online easy to get to and navigate. The graphics and car deformations are incredible. The ultimate racing game as when you are on top it is a rush and when you crash out you get to watch your car disintergrate in style. There is no bad side. The music as people have complained about I find personally it is good (and can be switched off) as it is all fast aggressive music to get you in the frame of mind to navigate a 3 mile course at what seems like almost the speed of sound. A PS3 Must Buy

  3.  Witcher Game U Playin


    I have to say I love this game for an RPG. The story is well done and engaging. The characters all have their own personal quirks and the adult part is entertaining mostly beause of the colourful language. The combat system means you never feel redunant like in KOTOR as you don't just point at a bad guy you have to pay attention to get the combo clicks done. The story itself I don't want to spoil but with three possible endings even playing through a second time things happen differently. Characters that liked you last time now hate you etc. The fact that this is a fantasy game but has no magic that you can control is interesting too as although you get signs to cast the game only has two real mages and the best one of those is the bad guy so you rely on your trusty swords. Silver one for MONSTERS and steel for humans with monster personalities.
    The loading times are a real pain but notch down the AA AS and you will find the load times drop for no real loss in graphics. All in all one of the best RPG's I have ever played. A great evolution and a cue for more game designers to put in a good plot. This is definatly a sleep hit of 2007

  4.  Spaceforce is not for the faint hearted.


    This game looks great and despite a lot of whines about it is a very entertaining game. You have a major learning curve at the start and having to remember to repair your durability as well as armour. But once you get past the learning curve of the game and have played it for a few hours you will be ripping up bad guy's (apart from the collective your choice who this it) and mining the resources for those last few upgrades. I have had no complaints about this game as apart from a few minor crashes it has run smooth. The main plot is a bit thin but with so much to do apart from that you would be hard pressed not to get your moneys worth from it. I have already played it for more hours than a 50p per hour ratio for what it cost and until someone makes that ultimate space game it helps to pass the time in this game limited genre :-).