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  1.  The word Epic does not do this game justice!


    I bought this game on a whim. My friend had bought it and kept taking the mick out of me for only ever really playing COD type games or Forza. So I bought into what he was saying about this and don't regret it one minute.

    I'm not a stranger to RPG's. The last good one I had was Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox) and that kept me completely glued to the xbox. This one goes further than what that did and more so.

    Visually - Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

    UI - Brilliant and gives you the option of 1st/3rd person gameplay.

    Plot - Well, where do I start. You can pretty much do anything on this game, so the plot is fairly open. But the main storyline is intriguing and compels you to play on.

    UI - The controls are fairly good also. Star Wars KOTOR was very clunky controls, but this is pretty much seamless (in my experience).

    If you are not sure about RPGs or are new to the genre, then this is definitely one for you. Just awesome.

  2.  A fine return to form


    Firstly, let's address something.

    There are plenty of reviews on here saying things similar to 'don't expect anything new' and 'might as will be an expansion pack'. At the risk of sounding demeaning, what do you expect? It's the third instalment in a FPS trilogy. Just how different do you want it to be? Are these people wanting to see some call of duty sesame street type hybrid? Just to be completely different? Plus, people actually buy this game to play the solo campaign as well, not just on live. If it's the live element you solely want, save some money, buy counter strike, stop whining. Simples!

    The solo campaign picks up where mw2 ended. The graphics are amazing, as are the game play and story , as you've come to expect from the franchise.

    The online element is brilliant, after the utter travesty that black ops was upon launch. No spawn kills (so far)! The camping side of things also seems less apparent than it was on ops !

    All in all, if you're a fan of the franchise, get it. It's great. I cannot compare to battlefield, which seems to be par for the course in these reviews!

  3.  Excellent second album


    There are a lot of people leaving reviews saying negative things because this album is more mainstream than their first.

    My question is why is this bad? This is an excellent album. Most acts fall on their face with a second album, but Chase and Status have upped their game. In fact, them being more mainstream has improved their sound. However, there are some tracks on this album that have retained the good old drum and bass beats that you come to expect with Chase and Status (track 10 is awesome), whilst in other tracks going for a good dub step vibe.

    If you want to hear a good album, buy this album, play it and love it. If you want to moan about how Chase and Status are mainstream, then buy this album, play it and moan about it. But those who don't care whether an album is mainstream or not won't moan, because at the end of the day, if you like the tunes, it doesn't matter how mainstream an act is!!!!

  4.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............................................


    Right. Lets get things out in the open here and kept simply.


    Campaign - Different spin on the genre. I've always said it would be quite awesome to see the genre go down the Vietnam/Cold War route and it's quite awesome. The use of the Rolling Stones music within some gameplay segments is great.

    Multi-player - Currency system. This is great. You get the weapons (to some extent), the perks and the equipment you want, as long as you can afford it. Some weapons need to be unlocked through levelling up, but I can quite honestly say that it's a much better system.

    Multi-player - Hardcore free for all. This is awesome. Free for all on CODMW2 was rubbish, as you had to unload, in some cases, a full clip into someone to get them to die. No more with this game.


    Multi-player - Lag and glithches. I cannot believe someone said that there is no glitches in the online game. I've managed to notice that whenever someone joins your session, there is a very noticable, yet small, lag in the gameplay. I've also noticed that there seems to be quite a lot of lag in some of the games.

    All in all, if you're a hardcore fan of COD, you will enjoy this game. Some people have commented saying that it's just the same stuff that has already been churned out before. Seriously, what did you expect when you bought it if you think that? It's a war FPS. They're technically all the same and barring certain differences, the premise in all war FPS is to shoot the place up in a war type situation.

    However, saying that, don't expect to be utterly blown away by it. I really like it, but can't help feeling that in a few weeks time, I'll be picking up CODMW2 again.

  5.  Excellent game.....but doesn't have the x factor of Res 4


    This game is an excellent game. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is really good and the weapons are awesome. It's introduced new characters, it's done away with the annoying type writers, it doesn't have the weird and ultra annoying salesman that Res 4 has and it also ends leaving room for a sequel, there's a resurgence during the game of the original moaning zombie from the 1st Resident Evile and it's adopted a Wii like stance in that the player needs to press buttons during video sequences and overall it's very good.

    BUT and it's a very big but....

    It doesn't have the x factor that Resident Evil 4 does. RES 4 revived the series in a brilliant way, in that it removed the predictability that previous Resident Evils had gained and re-introduced the horror element. Res 4 was utterly captivating from start to finish and introduced elements never before seen in the series, such as more fluent movement of characters, collecting of treasures, excellent AI of zombies, etc.

    Res 5 on the other hand is just replicating Res 4, with the exception that it's based in Africa, not Spain and it's not following the "religious cult" line. Further, it's slightly annoying in that unlike Res 4, you cannot command your partner (Sheva) to stand still and do nothing and Sheva is in the game for the majority of the game, which I think takes away from the enjoyment slightly. She can get in the way sometimes and it's a bit frustrating. Sheva's AI seems to be a bit lacking in some respects also. It is also a far shorter game than Res 4, due to it's predictability and it seems that it takes far longer than does, as the player (who has played Res 4) knows what to expect, leading to boredome to a certain extent.

    Don't get me wrong, this game is awesome and I'm a die hard fan of all Resident Evil games. However, Res 4 was so successful and enjoyable because it took such a different turn in the plot and I just feel that Res 5 should've been more original.