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  1.  Game looks Stunning, but Missions Are Not


    I really thought assassins creed was super repetitive, so much so that it seems that they hit the copy button for all of the levels sept the last. The citys are b-a-u-tiful, and another annoying thing after you hide sometimes even if you just walk past a gaurd they'll shout something like infadel and start chasing which is really annoying if you didnt do anything wrong, the ending will shock you and is also a cliffhanger, if the rating was out of 10 id give a 7, so i do think its good but the repetitiveness and sometimes the difficuilty(specially twards the end) puts it down.

  2.  dont listen to some reviews its awesome


    i recently read a couple reviews on the interent that said that the video quality on this thing was poor, well its not is great quality and dont know why they said it was poor and the software is easy to use and i had no errors so far. oh and it plays music great too :)

  3.  Brilliant Just As Good As The Well - Known 'Fairy-Tales'


    This book consists of 5 wizarding fairy tales that seem so good that they belong with the classics such as okay i cant think of one just yet but these are classics my favourite 2 was warlock with the hairy heart and also the wizard and the hopping pot. In some of the stories it tells of wizards and helping muggles etc. The harry potter element comes in albus dumbledores notes witch add a few extra pages to each story. Sometimes refrencing characters such as lucius malfoy. Although quick to read this is must for any harry potter fan or even fairy tales to tell the kids .

  4.  Feel a Bit Let Down


    I was so excited when i heard about sims 3 and when it got pulled back i was even more anxious to get it however when i did i was very disapointed.First off nearly all of the places in the town you cant go in it just disappears when your sim goes in.So you cant technically roam free in the town because everything disappears.Not much to do the create a sim is great though and the personalitys add a slight bit more depth to them but dosent really effect gameplay.Pretty much like sims 2 sept different graphics and you can 'explore' a town to me tho it seems just like in the sims 2 when the go different places except there isnt a loading screen.
    so in conclusion its slightly better but will be hopefully a lot better with more expansion packs out.

  5.  So Short Yet So Expensive ... Is It Worth It? Er No


    This game consists of so mostly 3 mini games repeat themselves over and over again so much that there is barely even any adventure the four min i games are quidditch where all the time you have to practise which is exactly the same as the real deal then you repeat it again but its the 'real' match when its exactly the same.It isint as fun as it used to be either you automatically follow the quidditch and all your left to do is move the stick up and down to go through the stars the rest is done for you, you dont even have to attempt at following the snitch because the computer automatically puts you and keeps you on the right track ...its so BORING! The next mini game is potions now this is better but because its repeated like almost all the time in the game it gets tedious, repetitive oh and yes yet again boring! Next is the duelling more fun but because you are constantly having to duel with stupid bullies it gets boring quick also.I rented this game and so glad i dint fork out 40 pounds for it as i completed it in four hours after i had started renting it! Waste of money but if you want to play it RENT IT! or you'll regret wasting your money a couple hours later. 1 positive bit though it does follow the story quiet well.