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  1.  The notebook!


    Emotional roller-coaster! I watched this because everyone said "if you watch this you will cry" and I set out to prove them wrong..... I didnt cry a flood of tears, but my eyes definately welled up haha.

  2.  Legacy continued


    I saw this in 3D at the cinema and I was blown away by the effects. Although, the visuals wont be as mind blowing on DVD, the film itself was still amazing. The storyline takes a similar route to the original and with todays technology the tron games look fantastic. The soundtrack by Daft Punk is brilliant and will sound immense with surround sound. Look out for a very funny cameo from the robotic duo and also a brief cameo from Michael Sheen in a very David Bowiesque role! If you love special effects, action, daft punk or soundtracks, buy this!

  3.  Afterlife!


    I think the RE series has been unfairly knocked by a lot of people. Alright, its not going to win any awards, but it does exactly what it says on the blurb, kills zombies. I think the previous RE film and this, are amongst the best current zombie films and each RE film has got better. The first being awful, the second gettin there, third being pretty damn good and the fourth, very good!

  4.  Up!


    I didn't know much about this when I bought it, but always loved the disney pixar films and this is just as brilliant. Sad at the beginning, but hilarious till the end, I was hooked all the way through.

  5.  A Coen Classic


    A classic film and a standout performance from Jeff Bridges as the Dude! Brilliant dialogue from the coens and an amazing soundtrack make this an instant classic. A must have!

  6.  Amazing!


    After such a long absence, I was sceptical as to whether or not toy story 3 was going to be as good as the first 2 I loved so much growing up....YES is the answer! I loved it! Just as good as the other 2 and quite emotional too!

  7.  Better than expected!


    I thought this would just be yet another animated film which comes and goes, how wrong was I? I watched this and laughed all the way through! I thought this was one of Will Ferrells best films in ages! Plus, the support cast of Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill is pretty impressive too! If you are a Will Ferrell fan, you need to buy this! If you are a comedy fan, you need to buy this!

  8.  Brilliant Disney!


    ANother example of why Disney is the best for animation. Made in 1951, yet you wouldnt know! I actually prefer this to Tim Burtons new version with Jonny Depp. A must buy for film fans!

  9.  Brilliant Disney!


    Yet another Disney classic re-worked with the latest technology and features. It does not disappoint! Some of the best loved characters feature in this film and one of the most heart warming storylines.

  10.  Brilliant Disney!


    One of the disney classics, with breathtaking visuals, a good storyline and some of the most well known disney songs. A must buy for any disney fan or simply a fan of films!