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  1.  Terrible multiplayer


    I borrowed this off a mate instead of buying this because of the dodgy reviews that i have read. Some people think its the next best thing, others gave it 1 out of 5. I gave it a generous 2 out of 5 and returned it as quickly as possible.

    The single player is short and irritating. Enough said there.

    The multiplayer is just as bad. Especially when you have to enter a 'battle code' to get past level 5 (800 microsoft points!!!!! daylight robbery). Thankfully i didnt bother with the code, got to level 5, which took 4 games, and never played it again.
    I'm mainly a COD player, and have been able to hold my own in all of the title since COD 4, but i was completely out of my depth on this.
    There is no running and gunning. This full is full of campers on huge maps. Honestly, the camping is like nothing i've ever seen before, if you think COD is bad, try this.
    The air support and tanks are overpowered and over used. Fixed spawn locations (sighs deeply) has resulted in me being killed moments after spawning. Huge maps, fixed spawning. Doesn't make sense.
    The controls are the same as the COD layout, which is nice not having to get used to something new, but the sensitivity is weird to get used to. The aim assist is not as powerful as in COD, so trying to get a long range kill with an assault rife can be difficult because you think you're locking onto the player, but your not.

    The only positives are the use of dedicated servers - very little lag, a nice change from the dodgy P2P system.
    The maps are well designed, but just not intense or action packed enough for my liking.

    Overall, i personally wouldn't recommend it,but if you're insane enough to go for it remember that you have to buy a battle code if you buy the game second hand and you want to get past level 5 online (which needs to be done because thats when you get the best guns and perks)

  2.  Brilliant


    The amount of people still playing the multiplayer just about sums this game up. Quality. Best call of duty game ever released in my opinion. Much better than Black ops which is just a complete waste of time. This game has some quality maps and guns that make this a high action and enjoyable experience.Assault rifles are all fun to use(yes, even the F2000). Yeah okay you do encounter shotgun and commando knife noobs but just leave the game and find another.I can't wait for Modern Warfare 3, just a shame the original Infinity Ward aren't producing it.

  3.  It's not that good


    I've got to disagree with all of the other people that have reviewed this game. I don't understand all the hype still surrounding this game. Back in its day (2007) this was a top quality game because it took the whole call of duty multiplayer experience to another level. By todays standards, i don't think its that good. I mean, hardcore fps gamers will enjoy this, but if you're going on there as a newbie to COD games, you'll get absolutley smashed to pieces.

    Bad points:
    The spawning system - Those that think black ops has a bad spawn system should check this out. It literally will spawn you where the action is - regardless of the enemies that are around you. This has the worst spawn system of all the call of duty titles.
    M16 - The most overpowered gun i have ever used/played against in all my life. It kills you with 1 burst 90% of the time - regardless of range. How this gun was never patched is beyond me.
    Grenade spamming - Perk 1 enables players to have 3 frag grenades. Grenades are worshiped by the greek gods on this game and will kill you just as many times as the M16. Maps like wet work are always dominated by grenades. How many times have people spawned and been killed by a grenade?
    Maps - Overgrown and bloc are my two most hatest maps. I cant stand them. How overgrown was ever bought back to MW2 is shocking, when there are quality maps like showdown and district that were overlooked.
    M4A03 with Acog. Enough said.

    Good points
    I love the martydom perk. It should never have been removed in MW2. It kills campers because they cant get out of there dark corner quick enough to escape. Would love to see this come back int the next COD.
    Guns - Apart from the M16 and MP5, most guns are generally balanced and enjoyable to use.
    Killstreaks at 3, 5 and 7 are better than the current killstreak system.

    It is a good game, frustrating and incredibly nooby, but if you can tolerate it, go for it and see if its as good as everyone else says it is.

  4.  Good campaign, poor multiplayer


    Loved the campaign on this game, really enjoyed it. I liked how you switch between fighting with the marines in Japan, to fighting the Germans in Berlin as the russians. The missions are fun with lots of variation - with some vehicle missions. I also like the co-operative campaign option, and the competitive mode!

    Zombies is fun for parties of friends to play. Can lead to hours of fun.

    The multiplayer was dissapointing however. The MP40 and Juggernaut ruin the online becuase they are both overpowered.

    Good game!

  5.  Good headset


    Bought these to use for online call of duty play. The first time you wear them you'll notice a massive difference, and how good the explosions and guns sound. The microphone is really good and picks up your voice easily without you having to have the mic in you're mouth. Comfortable to wear but they can make you're ears ache if you wear them for a while and you have the volume high.

    The setup of the headset is quite easy and the leads are nice and long. Sometimes though the large lead can be a bit irritating if you are trying to keep all wires neat and tidy. You'll also find that you get used to the sound quite quickly and you won't get the same 'wow' factor after wearing them for a few days. Good headset for the price.

  6.  Best 360 game I've bought


    I'm actually glad to be able to write a good review for once because i seem to struggle to find a game that i really enjoy playing and for it to not be riddled with flaws. I like to think the producers have actually put some thought into the games, and they definitely have with Bully. Originally called Canis Canem on the PS2, which i completed, i wanted to play through it again on the 360.

    I like the whole idea of the game. its very clever just how many things you can do on it. Maybe the thing i enjoy about it most is its nice and simple, and a smallish map that doesnt take half a day to cross. Its created by Rockstar so the whole ideas surrounding the game are just like GTA, except the kids version. The thing that used to annoy me about GTA were the maps were too big, and i often found myself crashing my car into traffic halfway through a mission. The good thing about bully is you cant drive cars, and there isnt a load of traffic, so riding around on your bike, skateboard, moped or go-kart is hassle free! Something that makes the game just that bit more enjoyable!

    The missions are nice and easy. Okay so its a bit cheesy some kid can take on an entire school of people and beat them all up. But its a game, and you dont see it often, so just enjoy it! There aren't any guns or anything like that, so you dont walk around a 15 year old serial killer. But anyway, the missions include you fighting the groups of the school (bullies, jocks, greasers, nerds and preppies) that all take a disliking to you. You have to do missions that in the end, leave you having a 'meeting' with the group 'boss'. the missions in my opinon are fun, and like i said, no need to use cheats or anything like that. The side missions, like the classes can get very difficult (ENGLISH and GEOGRAPHY!) so i used a walkthrough to help me with just some of those.

    Enjoy the freedom of being able to do just about everything - pulling fire alarms, picking locks on lockers, doing errands for people, collecting over 200 clothes, going to the fair, doing street races etc etc etc.

    A decent game, that unfortunatley i finished, because i loved playing it. Nice easy 1000G that takes time, but not a pain in the backside to get.

    Definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants a laugh or a game they can just relax and play.

  7.  More bugs than the amazon rainforest


    After playing fifa games since the N64, i think i'm owed a good football game from EA that i can just sit back and relax playing. I'm still waiting for that game. Okay, Fifa 10 has great graphics, 'Whoopee'. Other than that, its a complete joke and winds we up to the max.

    EA need to actually sit down and watch a football game from the premier league. Then maybe, just maybe, i won't concede free kicks every 2 minutes for silly little nudges. I've been sent off a number of times for slide tackles in the box that havent even touched the player, - No joke!

    The goalkeepers need reviewing because they're just too good. You can tell the game you are playing is fixed because whatever you put at the keeper he saves! I was playing leyton orient in the cup, and there keeper (whoever he is) was saving 1 vs 1's, headers from 6 yards...its just a joke to be honest.

    Plus, playing manager mode, i can't believe you don't get more of a budget if you win the premier league, FA cup and league cup. My budget never changed after winning all of those titles....-_-

    Sort out the 1 vs 1's with the keepers, and the free kicks, and i might just consider playing Fifa 11.

  8.  Not badd, not the best game i've played


    After playing and completing the original lego star wars on the old xbox, i was really looking forward to buying this on the xbox 360. I was dissapointed with it to be honestt, and i find myself playing about 3 levels and then i get bored.

    I must say though that the graphics are quality. Playing the game on a 40" HD tv makes the game look awsome. Thats the only real good thing i can say about the game. The gameplay i feel is boring and just annoying. I often find myself sitting there and thinking, "What the hell do i do here?!"...On several occasions that has happened, and for a PG game, i feel there should be more tips to help the younger age groups that play this. I also noticed they have changed the controls of the ships in the levels. Before the ships used to always go forward for you, and you just changed the direction. Now you have to control the whole ship and i just feel the controls are awful! Trying to turn around is a complete joke!

    Overall, not bad, but i wont be going back through it to play it again.

  9.  Not badd..Not perfect either


    Okay, where to begin? I've been playing star wars games for years now and i think they're all quality (apart from that pathetic excuse for a game ' star wars obi wan' and 'knights of the old republic' on the original xbox) I'd read a load of bad reviews about this game but i still wanted to try it. the simpliest way to describe it would be to itemise the good and bad points:

    - Nice, simple controls
    - you get to play as a clone and Jedi
    - The graphics are quality
    - You can jump on droids and control them

    Bad :(
    - the jumping on the game has to be one of the worst i've experienced. So easy to jump off ledges and die when you should be landing on platforms
    - The camera angles are a complete JOKE
    - It gets really repetitive juring some levels
    - It seems you spend more time jumping from ledge to ledge and working on puzzles than actually killing droids
    - Running and shooting with the clones is awful and hard to control
    - I swear i do the achievments but i just don't get them

    Overall, a good idea, but it seriously winds me up when i die because of the jumping problems. Give it a go, but i would definitely not pay anything more than 10-15 quid for it. Rent it and see.

  10.  AMAZING!


    I agree with all of the other reviewers. Underbelly is probrably one of the most gripping and entertaining tv shows i have ever watched. I watched 6 episodes in a row because i just couldn't wait to find out what happens next! I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to give it a go, you will not regret it!