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  1.  Excellent graphics, Woeful gameplay.


    The gameplay reminds me of FIFA 97.

    Passing is terrible
    Movement is 4 way instead of 360 movement.

    The game is just unbelievably rubbish for the year it is!

    Dont take my word for it. Compare this to fifa and you have a landslide even with FIFA's current issue's

  2.  Excellent


    Hi I'm Adam I am a games tester Mainly for Electronic Arts (EA) and Codemasters I will be frequently be writing reviews on games I have tested or played personally.

    Saints row 2 Is If not the best at least one of the best Sandbox Style Games I've seen. It is simply Mind blowing. Really impressive to say the least

    Gameplay - The Game Engine used Is the same Engine Used in Volition's New Title RED FACTION : Guerilla. It is Similar to the Earlier Game Saints row 1. Thus making the game familiar to players who player the First game. Although it's not Graphically genius in terms of the graphics etc. It does make for a very fun gameplay. Upgrades to the first game are heavily noticeable For instance the player now has the option to dual wield weaponry and more combat items have been added. I will list a few to show you examples

    The Kobra - A laser Pinpoint Pistol with single shot or rapid fire
    The New RPG - A laser heatsekking Rocket Propelled Grenade
    The AS12 - A dual cartridge High Power Rapid firing shotgun
    Shock Paddle's As Used to shock people and restart their heart. This can be done in the game

    Stungun - Standard issue of most police forces in the world

    Also... Swords and Machetes
    Satchel charges and plastic explosives

    Cars and Planes - Although there are new cars involved in the game there are some Familiar ones and the abilty to fly helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Also the Ability to Parachute etc.

    Hand to hand combat has been vastly improved with the Protaganist picking up various styles via mission progression

    Total Score for Gameplay 9.5/10

    Plot: The Saints are dead, The protagonist Wakes up from a 5 year coma that he sustained on a yacht at the end of the Saints row 1 storyline. Hell bent on revenge he starts a new take over of Stillwater With help from Johnny Gat, A saints Luitenant from the first game. Taking on 3 new gangs in the process

    The brotherhood - Red Tribal Clothing Mainly Found in the south east corner of stillwater

    Sons of Samedi - A drug selling Gang Wearing Distinctive green clothing and are mainly found In the middle of stillwater and the university district

    The Ronin - An asian gang wielding Swords mainly found north on the map wearing Yellow tribal clothing

    I will not Say any more about the plot because it may be spoiling the game for users

    Plot Rating 9/10

    Online: Saints row 1 contained various online modes that have not made a return on saints row 2 which fairly dissapointed me in ways

    The online modes consist of only 3 games types

    Gangsta Brawl: Deathmatch
    Team Brawl : Team Deathmatch
    Strong Arm : Players compete in teams on a mini map to earn 100,000 dollars in the quickest way possible

    There is also an option to play CO-OP mode which is brilliant in fairness but also can be a pain mainly due to people Joining with cheats enabled then leaving which will leave you with a message saying. The other player had cheats enabled your achievements will be disabled.

    All together Rating for Online 6/10

    Put all these together and I give it High 4 star - Low 5 star