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  1.  Have had X-mini 2nd Gen 1 year and counting :D


    I Tell you, these speakers are AMAZING! ive had them for a year, and i can tell you, they make me want more of them.
    You need to be careful as thier are 2 types of 2nd gen's the shinny speaker ones and the fabric looking speaker ones. Dont want to mix the 2 as they have sound clash, and you end up with more surround than extra volume.
    seen as the fabric ones arn't sold anymore should have nothing to worry about.

    People keep saying that the boxes "over-rate" how loud they are, yeah ok, il admit in your room its no louder than your average stereo, just with added bass.
    These speakers wernt aimed at being played in your bedroom thier PORTABLE!
    you go outside, and ive had neighbour complaints due to me playing these so loud, 2 of these speakers got my street protesting against me playing them on the roads, so what do you think i did?

    BROUGHT 3 MORE XD oooo when i tell you uve never heard something so loud, UNDERSTATEMENT.
    its like a walking super boombox, that baffles peoples minds as to where the sounds coming from.

    2 intresting things you may want to take into account, if you have an X-FI sound card in ur pc, or a soundcard of value in your pc, these things PUMP like thiers no tomorrow!! careful as you might blow erm!

    For everyone else who doesnt have one of these, give your phone a go, i recommend (New Gen Sony ericsons, nokias if you have power mp3 installed on them, samsungs, blackberrys, htc's) music phones, as for the ipods, itouch, apples software reduces alot of music volume to average listening volume and use loud headphones so dont expect them to blow your iphone away.

    My conclusion, no matter whats powering these, on an average of 6 to 10 hrs battery life, POWER THROUGH QUANTITY!!! XD

    o, and just to note, if you stick thesee in your pocket, and put your hood up it sounds like u've got a sub in ya hood :P or on a box or flimsy surface turns that into a sub as well :P just one of these puppys jumps around and takes my phone for a walk!

  2.  The best portible speaker, also has intresting secrets!


    First of all id like to say to all those people who where considering buying this when it was 12.99, You just Missed a STEAL!!!
    they use the outer shelling as the sub, and they are very durable, providing your not physichally trying to tear it apart.
    I would recommend more than one of these at least and youll never need a stereo again as they can be endlessly chained off.

    One thing noones ever mentioned though is how you can use its charge cable as a 3.5mm jack extension for its tiny cable on the bottom. why doesnt anyone mention this?????

    Purchased a pair of these on saturday, one came on wednesday, the other on thursday, (yeah, i know, it came on christmas eve).
    On wednesday, i had this speaker, i ripped open the box and instantly wacked this baby into my nokia 5800, and i was blown away buy its quality! seemed a little bit on the quiet side compared to my mbs 200 but louder than the mbs 100, later on i found out that it was because of the crappy nokia mp3 player. (read below for alternitives)
    That was, until it hit the mp3 player & XFI titanium sound card!!!

    Im known for my portible speakers, and bass on the move and have been for 2 years, now this has changed everything!!
    Everyone wanted an mbs 100 as they sounded good, everyone wanted the mbs 200 cause it was loud, Now people are buying these just because of the sheer volume and clarity! and BASS!

    Incredibly loud! and a second one on the chain was so loud my ears popped if i stood any closer than a metre! i DJ, and im telling you, these sound like 100W standard stereo speakers! its crazy!
    Then i put it on the outter box it came in (play.com postage boxing) and thier was EVEN MORE BASS!! when you put these things on cardboard of a hollow surface they sound just like a sub!

    For the battery life, put it this way, i had the pair of them blairing on thursday after the second one came, played it from 9AM - 11PM, battery wasnt really showing much signs of fatigue, and again today, at FULL BLAST! im confussed as to how a 400 MAH battery could last so long on something so tiny and LOUD!
    They have some weight to them, so you know thiers quality, yet the bass from these things will have it dancing acrosss your desk!

    Now for the intresting bit, other than noticing how small they where i had a bright idea, i linked this up to my mbs 100 (also should be able to do it on the mbs 200), and the next day chained a pair of it, meaning i had bluetooth on the X-mini 2!!!! their is a noticeable quality difference on bluetooth, but its not that bad.

    ALLL nokia users should consider power mp3 as an alternitive to the quiet nokia mp3 music player, its free, and thiers a BIG difference in sound from an x-mini 2 (power mp3 for s60v3 and up)

  3.  Just to set the rumors straight!! on the mbs 100 and 200


    i have been an owner of this mbs 100 from the w850i to the w580i and the nokia 6280 and now the w395, and the speaker has always performed, everyone moans about sound quality, guys you need to remember it depends on the fone and its setting and the mp3 as to the quality.

    i have ordered the mbs 200 and shall leave a review wen it arrives.

    ive had the speaker for a year and i no everything about it. in sony ericsons, u want to jump straight on the equalizer and manualy do it. becareful with the base as u can damage it or suck the battery dry.
    make sur stereo widening of off as its only a single speaker.

    Thier is a trick to get this speaker to be loud with the nokia 6280. first, connect the speaker to the handset, while playing a song, turn off the bluetooth speaker and wait for it to say disconnected on the fone.
    now turn the volume right down on the handset, and turn the speaker back on. now ur volume will be louder at its quietest seting allowing you to achive a much hiher volume :D might have to do this a couple times on ur first atempt. i garentee you now this speaker will blow your mind then! had 6 hrs out of it at full tilt, mind u it does get hot in summer like this.

    as for the nokia, the n95 and high end LG, they for some reason only play at one volume, no idea why, and its not that loud, yet better than standard speaker. i think the speaker has software issues.

    If you order one, make sure you post to let me kno how u get on, i am intrested :) oh btw unless its the new ipone software it will not connect to this. and even then its no better than the n95, stil a bit quiet.