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Product Reviews

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  1.  Interesting Book!


    I've bought this book a year ago, and, recently, I managed to finish it.
    It's well-written, even for me, who I am not a native speeker.
    It's interesting and the maps are really helpfull.
    If you are interested in the napoleon wars, this is your book!!

  2.  A nice collection!


    Hugh Grant is a great actor for this kind of movies and this collection too!
    Notting Hill and Love Actually is two very nice romantic movies, with great casts.
    About A Boy is, also, a great movie, but not a romantic movie like the others.
    I think this collection is one worth-buying, especially for a Hugh Grant fan!
    I, totally, recommend it!

  3.  Nice movie!!


    I, strongly, disagree with prequels, because most of times, their quality is very low.
    But Rise if the Lycans is an enjoyable movie.
    You will not get bored with the plot and the special effects are great!
    If you like the other two, you'll like this too.

  4.  Boring..


    In the beginning this game was promising..
    Funny and much blood..
    But, then, you realize that you are, always, doing the same thing..
    Killing until you collect points to face the boss.
    The black and white colours can, easily, confuse you..
    So, i don't think it's a game worth buying..

  5.  2 movies in the price of a half!!!


    I don't thinh there is anyone who doesn't know these movies!
    They were of my favourites as a kid, and when i saw the price, i was sure it was time to buy them!
    The plot is well-known, saving us from ghosts..
    It has many funny parts and many action parts!
    I'm sure, you will enjoy these movies!

  6.  A promising tv series!


    At first, i thought: one more science fiction tv series..
    But after watching a couple episodes, i realized that this series is amazing!!
    The actors are perfect at their roles.T
    here is nothing missing from this series, in order to become a legendary one, like x-files.
    Very interesting scenario, with a main plot and other stories and i'm looking forward to watching season 2.

  7.  9.99£ for this game??What a bargain!!!


    This game is awesome!
    Very nice graphics, very nice music, incredible scenario!!
    This is a must-have for every fps-fan!
    The important thing, here, is your decisions about the little sisters..
    You will see why!!!

  8.  Not as good as the book


    No movie has been as good as its book.
    The book is amazing and i was interested in the movie.
    But, finally, i was disappointed..
    There are many changes in the movie, which i didn't like.
    In conclusion, if you have a lot of time, read the book.
    If you don't, watch another movie.

  9.  Good, but boring game...


    This game was one of my first for Wii.
    The graphics are very nice and funny.
    Music too.
    Wii Wheel is really helpfull and it's worth buying another.
    But in conclusion, I think the game after a while gets really boring..
    Most of the stages are similar, and the goal is, almost, everytime the same.
    A very nice game for the first 10 hours..