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  1.  You Really Shouldn't But.....


    Kick Ass is what could be called a guilty pleasure, as there are some scenes in it (mainly involving the Excellent Chloe Moretz's pre teen killing machine Hit Girl), where you know you shouldn't be laughing or watching with an enormous grin on your face, but you just can't help yourself. Watching her slaughter & dismember some bad guys to a speeded up Banana Splits song anybody? What a welcome breath of fresh air this film this is compared to the regular super hero films being churned out these days. Both action film, teen comedy, and with some serious moments, it pretty much has something of everything & delivers on them all. Quick, go buy it now!

  2.  Its Good But...


    On the cinema screen in 3D this film looks amazing. I really think it will suffer a lot on even the largest plasma or LCD in 2D though. Then you're going to be left with a very unoriginal story thats basically Dances With Wolves in a sci fi setting, and a duration that feels like its going on for ever. It may change the way films are made for ever, and James Cameron deserves credit for once again pushing the boundaries of what CGI can do, but in the end I find it a film to admire, but not really a film I can love...

  3.  Zombielicous...


    This film is a joy to watch from start to finish. Its not to be taken too seriously like some of the George Romero zombie films, this is much more like Shaun Of The Dead, or the first of the Tremors films. As a result, its pretty much a non stop ride of how many different ways are there to splatter a zombie, laced with lots of humour, and a lot of thrills too. The cast are excellent, & Woody Harrelson deserves a special mention as the zombie killing redneck who seems to enjoy himself just a little too much...Buy it!

  4.  Oh Go On, Get It Now


    Here we have a truly excellent & original sci film. It is at times funny & has excellent action sequences & is heartbreakingly sad in places also. Best of all, its not a sequel, its not a re imagining, & its not based on a toy franchise. How many good sci fi films can we say that about lately? If it had been set anywhere else but South Africa it wouldn't have the power & the impact that it has, as the US, for example, has pretty much been done to death when it comes to films with aliens arriving on earth. See it on Blu-ray, and see an awesomely good film as it deserves to be seen...

  5.  Surprisingly Excellent


    This is really the perfect popcorn film. It doesn't go on for ever like many hollywood action films do these days. The sfx are good, & it moves along at a pace that doesn't tax your brain too much. It really is a film to just enjoy & go along for the ride. & some ride it is...Theres pretty much non stop action from start to finish. The most surprising good film I've seen this year. It will look awesome on Blu-ray, go & check it out!

  6.  Wanna See What Blu Ray Can Do?


    In all honesty, some blu ray dvds don't look any better than normal dvds. This can be due to the quality of the source material the blu ray transfer is copied from in the first place. However, theres no such problem with this film. Every small detail down to the name on every spine of every book, every brick in every building, all can be seen in a sharpness & detail that will take your breath away. If ever there was a film to truly show what blu ray is capable of, then this is the one. As for the film itself, it maybe a little too long, but this is a minor thing when put against the late Heath Ledgers extraordinary Oscar winning performance as The Joker. He simply dominates every scene he is in. The best Batman film yet. I don't envy the director & producers trying to better this when they make the next one...

  7.  It Really Is That Good


    This is a series that needs to be seen from start to finish, if you see it halfway through you'll be completely lost. The acting is superb throughout, likewise the sfx. The scripts are well written, and will take you to places where few if any sci fi shows have dared to go before. It makes the Trek spinoffs, like The Next Gen, Voyager & DS9 at times look like they were made for children in comparison, and I was a big fan of all 3 before I saw this. This is how people really would behave when their world comes to an end & their backs are to the wall. If I could make one criticism of this new Galatica it would be that at times it can be maybe a little too dark & grim, from season 3 onwards especially. None the less, this is a hard hitting adult drama, that just happens to be an outstanding & thought provoking sci fi series at the same time. A must see really...

  8.  Oh Dear


    Where can I start? I loved Casino Royale, an outstanding back to basics Bond, with all the over the top invisible car nonsense & too much gagets that had spoiled the last Brosnan film taken out. Also Daniel Craig's Bond was a welcome breath of fresh air too. The problem with Quantum Of Solace though is that the process of stripping out all that was Bond has gone way too far. All the much loved elements that makes a Bond film more than just another action film are almost completly missing here. Whats left? An action film thats just like any other action film...It could be a Bourne film, it could be a Die Hard. This film is very ordinary, there are some good stunts, but Craig's Bond here is now a unsmiling humourless thug whos out for revenge after Casino Royale, and don't we know it. I hope when they make the next one the producers bring a little of the old Bond back. As for this one, avoid & enjoy your Bond dvd collection instead, or maybe your Bourne...

  9.  The Best One Yet?


    I was prepared to hate this, new actors playing much loved charactors & a new Enterprise? The thing is though, its awesome. I don't know how JJ Abrams did it, but he has managed to assemble a crew of actors who are just like what you'd expect younger versions of the original series to be like when they first meet. Both Karl Urban as the young 'Bones' McCoy, & Zachary Quinto as the young Spock deserve special mention as they are both uncannily like their charactors older selves. Some hard core Trekkies may not like some of the changes, but this is a superb sci fi action film that has a heart to it also....The best Trek film yet? Could be....

  10.  Please Buy This


    Its over 20 years old now, but it hasn't aged at all, its still De Nero's best comedy. Hysterically funny in places...Its not just the 2 excellent leads that make it so good, as De Nero & Grodin are both excellent, but the supporting cast are outstanding also. Yaphet Kotto's frustrated FBI boss, Dennis Farina's frustrated Mafia boss & Joe Pantoliano's frustrated (you get the picture by now) bail bondsman, all deserve a mention. Got the credit crunch blues? Get this one & cheer yourself up, I promise you'll feel better after you've seen it.