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  1. NCIS


    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £25.99  Free delivery

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     CSI for kids


    Lets start straight away by saying it'll be tough to ever find another game as slick looking and in depth as L.A Noire.
    Now that I have got that out of my system I can say that this was by far the simplest, most tedious 1000 Gamer score I have ever picked up from a game and I've played Lost. ;)
    I love the CSI games. The graphics on Hard Evidence were not up to 360 standard but as it progressed through Fatal Conspiracy to Deadly Intent they improved. The fact is that each game had the game play to hold it's own. You could break a case if you missed a piece of evidence, lose points thus affecting your overall percentage at conclusion of the episode. That would affect your Gamer score. This game had a poor control system and no matter how they tried to make it interesting I found myself just pressing the Green button and not paying attention by the end of the second episode. It was more of an overpriced 80's point & click. I think the only reason it has such a high price tag for less than 4 hours of game play is to break even after using the original voices. I'm wishing for another CSI that hopefully won't rely fully on Kinect functions for people like me with smaller living rooms.

  2.  HD Screams


    I knew exactly what i was buying with this Blu Ray. I knew there would be little or no difference with the picture but i wanted the DTS soundtrack. Awesome, so many parts that were good before really had me leap out of the seat. Wallop!!!

    Also, don't knock it to much, if you play them side by side the Blu Ray is a hell of a lot darker. 28 Weeks looks great by the way, don't let this put you off. It starts off looking the same but you realise the Blu Ray effect as Robert Carlyle darts out of the window. What a turd by the way, i wouldn't leave my wife in that house. I'm not doing my smegging ironing.

  3.  Wrong, Just wrong


    What can i say, well..... Bitterly disappointed with the 2nd film. I'll be perfectly blunt i only picked up the box set due to a stupid issue with an over priced first film. Now at least this set tells you one thing. 'For gods sake, stay the hell out of West Virginia'. This only gets two stars for the topless review as the gore is pretty mundane and useless. Henry Rollins acts as a Rambo wannabe and to be fair if he hadn't died sooner i would have killed him myself. This film is a clear cut case of a bad cash in on the original. It would also be right to mention that the first movie actually had a "Wrong Turn" by both parties involved. Yes, there was a wrong turn at the beggining of the second installment but that is pretty much where the plot finishes. Myself and my mate are desperately trying to find 90 minutes of our lives we have wasted but i guess that will never happen. If only we had the Delorean from back to the future we could prevent this ever happening. Even for a mindless gore movie this is tame and pointless. If you were to take a Wrong Turn the least you could do is leave this movie on the shelf.

  4.  Average


    "Based" on George A Romero's Day of the Dead. Note the word "Based". Loosely based that is, some of the ideas remain the same but on the whole it is a mild attempt at a remake. Perhaps it could be the cast, Mena Suvari just doesn't seem to be a soldier in my eyes. Ving Rhames in yet another zombie flick, short lived it may have been but he does have the sickest scene of the film with his eye. I was a tad disappointed that it wasn't nearly as good as the remake on Dawn of the Dead. Running zombies are good, more mean than George's breed but there were no real scares in this film. It seemed to lack the fright factor and instead just added more gore. Still, it's great to kill 90 minutes a bowl of popcorn and a few beers.

  5.  Razor Sharp


    Tim Burton directing at his finest. Dark and haunting. Depp is by far the best actor for this part at "actually" making Sweeney Todd 100% real. You can completely feel his hatred and emotional torment throughout. Accompanied with Helena Bonham-Carter on screen this pair shine together in an otherwise dark scenario. Alan Rickman is fantastic but deserves his fate as does the multi talented Sacha Baron Cohen who has clearly left Ali G dead and buried. Excellent without a doubt. Must see.

  6.  Cut! That's a wrap!


    I suppose the hardest thing i did was trade in Buzz when i swapped my PS2 for a Wii. Who bloody cares! Scene It was great. A mixture of old and new movie clips, sound bytes and questions. This is a superbly executed game that the whole family can cram on a sofa for during the Christmas holiday. My wife loved it (only because she won) just goes to show that ANYONE can win so no more annoyed people scowling round the living room when you are declared winner yet again. I can't wait for Christmas. This will be at the forefront of our games after letting the turkey dinner go down. So long queens speach and all the soap opera christmas specials, the 360 is the only thing that will be on this december 25th...

  7.  Mr Sandman Bring Me A Dream....


    A rollercoaster of a sequel. Buy that i mean it was very fast paced at the beggining with the first fight scene but then it slowed down almost to a grinding halt before the finale. Sandman was fantastic, special effects were amazing. Sadly they seemed to drop for the Goblin/Venom scenes but still great. With great power comes great responsibilty... C'mon Hollywood, you need to top this if you are planning on another installment. We at least deserve it.

  8.  Third time unlucky....


    Not the best of the three but still a fantastic installment to an otherwise great franchise. Pirates 4? Who knows? The only real problem that arose for me was the lack of a DTS soundtrack. Why, oh why was this not put onto the DVD? The first two films supported it. Perhaps they are going to stop DTS in favour of TRUE HD sound and make us all buy HD players. Hopefully not the case but with that in mind HD DVD drive for my 360 Mr Claus.....

  9.  Second time around....


    Those that decide to write reviews need to understand that before they put pen to paper or start typing they need to see things again. This film (regardless of low budget or acting) has a very good plot. Now, in all fairness it may not deliver as most have previously done but if you do get the chance to view this again you WILL be surprised at how it pans out. "Teen Identity" may have been a better title (You know, the one with the hotel and John Cusack but with teenagers) but this story has been written well, and sadly not quite hit the mark when adapted to the screen, anyone who has read a Steven King novel or a Harry Potter book can relate. For teen slashers it will never stand alone next to Scream but this is a movie that definately deserves more than one viewing.

  10.  Theme park next gen...


    Well, not so much of a thrill more a burp that fizzes up your nose. Not everyones cup of tea but that is the same about realtime strategy games. I think they are crap. No way to interact, this is where Thrillville turns that around. Not only can you design your own coasters but ride them aswell. Fair enough it isn't majorly realistic but you can add to that by having a fan blow in your face, putting your arms in the air and screaming whilst your partner vomits into your lap. The mini games aren't anything special but if you have kids it is a godsend when you're fed up of Scooby Doo. The major downside to this was the lack of an online community. I would like to walk around another park and play mini games with other gamers. Sadly not the case, you can however peruse their coasters if they have loaded them up online. Still, the price is not that bad considering all PS3 titles require a small mortgage. Family fun all over.