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  1.  This is a top film!!!


    Being a fan of the original cartoon series, I was like many other grown men, well excited about it's release. Some of the best CGI graphics you will ever see. Good story, funny and well written.

  2.  Very enjoyable film


    I watched this with my two lil nephews aged 3 and 5 and I have to say we were all glued to the screen for the entire time. Very funny, nice graphics and well written. Looking forward to seeing number 2!

  3.  A great price for one of the most successful comedies ever!


    Who can forget friends! It hit our tv screens and made stars out of unknown actors overnight.

    This box set is a must have for any fan, yes it got a little slow over the last 2 seasons but they did make 10 in all and watching now does bring back some memories. It can be a lil cheesy but for light hearted comedy, the lovely Jennifer Aniston and 20 somethings played by 30 somethings you get a good deal at only 50quid

  4.  Bring back Mark Milo!!


    Didn't get to see all the episodes in this series but the ones I did see were very good. I really liked the character of Mark Milo in seasons one and two, I think they need to get him back in it for series 5 if they make one.

    I did feel that season 4 lacked a bit of magic somehow compared to the other seasons but it is well worth a watch.

    Just ordering my copy now. Play.com are the cheapest!

  5.  Utter Rubish


    The acting is terrible, the story line is terrible and why they even bother is beyond me . How can you get something so wrong from the best series of games ever produced. I would have expected at least a small amount of the films to resemble that of the games, but what the makers did was take all that good stuff out and fill each dvd with unbearable tripe. I got halfway through number 3 and couldn't even watch the rest.



    The main female character in the movie clearly just wants to be a vampire and spends the whole film moody that this may never happen. The word EMO comes to mind! Though the story line is ok, it does lack a bit of grit and is more a washy love story than a vampire/wolf man movie. The special effects are very good and the acting passable. Teenage girls will love this movie!

  7.  Some of the best console graphics ever


    The graphics on this game are amazing!!!! I'm not sure why pretty much every other game fails on the graphics front, especially in the apparent 'next gen' console games world. I have heard people review this saying the graphics are terrible, not sure what that's about!! Ok it's not as good as the earlier versions, in terms of edge of your seat feeling of dread, but it does do a great job. The game is long enough and once completed you get unlimited ammo on some weapons which makes playing it again a good laugh. My favourite Resident Evil was number 3, basically because as a kid playing that game was pretty scary stuff. Not sure if it's just coz I'm older now, but would have liked to have been shocked a bit more in this game. It isn't scary like the earlier ones. For graphics this game is top notch, for resident evil fans this is a bit different from the old school but still worth a go. I do get peoples point when they say it isn't like the older ones, but it's a minimum 4 star game, no lower than that. Hoping that the next one will get a bit more moody and dark. I think they should remake all the older ones and bring them out in full HD gaming glory myself. They'd sell out in no time!

  8.  The best sitcom of all time


    I agree with OldEnglandsEyes69 The earliest seasons were by far the best. Coach is the 'Heart and Sole' of Cheers. Dansons words not mine but I agree fully. Coach's character brought something special which I dont think the series could quite get back. I remember watching this show as a kid. Fantastic!!!

  9.  The best CGI I've seen


    The graphics and special effects in this movie are outstanding!!! While some people are complaining about the childish jokes, the lack of script and too much action, you have to remember that this film is aimed both at children and adults. Yes it would be better if it was more serious, darker and they scrapped the two annoying twin robots, but as this film covers various age groups it does a great job. It's worth noting the people that rate this movie badly seem to be those that watched transformers as a child, but have now grown up and are expecting an adult movie for some unknown reason. The producers know their market and if they limited it to that of only adults then the transformers movies would only make around half the money it did at the box office. I myself wouldn't like to see optimus prime doing hamlet so not sure what people are expecting here. The blu-ray version of this movie is amazing, very crisp and clear, the sound is uprated too for those who have a decent enough cinema system. I watched this at the imax and the picture quality was very bad, yeah it was MASSIVE but it looked far better in the standard odeon. With blu-ray coming down in price, this is a good buy.

  10.  the best tv show of all time!!!


    This is simply the best tv show of all time. Why they stopped making it is beyond me though. HBO have a habit of ending shows for no good reason. I think it needed a series 4 at least. Series 3 ends and you're left thinking........................hmmmm er what's happening now? Shame really. Get the dvd's, the whole show is fantastic.