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  1.  Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear


    I cancelled my order on the basis of the reviewer who only gave the movie one star. Which just goes to show you should always trust your gut. I then watched on Sky and enjoyed it enough to order a second hand copy from elsewhere. Its no Star Wars but its a pleasantly good enough watch. I'm still doubtful that I would want the 3D version($30 budget!) but on DVD at say ten pounds most Sci-Fi fans will enjoy it.

  2.  Must be seen


    As per other reviews I must admit that the picture does this product little justice at all! Not only is this collectable big and really well detailed but it actually has a presence. It is bigger than my 18inch Neca Terminator. It comes with some equipment I've never seen before!

    As regards the lack of choice with regards to which version you get? I wanted them in this order, first mask on, closed mouth or open mouth. I got closed mouth so right in the middle then. I don't think I'll lose any sleep over not getting the ideal, not when I saved 22.50 to the nearest supplier.

    Really if you like S F. If you like the Predator franchise, don't waste any time Buy - IT!

  3.  Completely biased


    I am glad to say that I can completely recommend these and am biased because I got them at a really bargain price from a trader! Are as good as some of Sony higher priced offerings? I doubt it. I wanted them so that I could listen to music enjoyablely on the tube and whilst they do not kill all surrounding sound completely they do lower it to a tolerable level - also, the phones amplify the sound a litlle and there a kill switch on the left cup which deadens all sound when you are using noise cancellation ie when you need to listen to someone!

  4.  Good purchase


    I have had this a few hours now after a kindly postman delivered it with my daily post (he did not have to!) My first impressions confirm what we all know about Pure, this a well made product that has a nice weight to and performs well increasing the sound output slightly, but enough for me not to have to crank up the volume on my amp as much as I was. The remote is what I was expecting, other reviewers have drawn attention to the fact that it's made out of plastic!(A remote made out of plastic,thats new)

    All in a good little unit thats worth the asking price!

  5.  I will see this again


    Well, how much more can I add? I went to see the film will with a couple of bad reviews ringing in my ears(from friends) they said that the effects where good but the story was predictable! And they where right its a simply story thats been told before. The natives of Pandora are basically native americans and the humans are pale skins, that said almost the second the story starts you begin to care what happens to them deeply and are swept along at a brisk pace, the graphics are to die for very quickly you forget that they are CGI as you wonder what will happen next, yes the story has been told before but that was true of Star Wars! And this film is on a level with S W's if not better! I saw it in 2D I will go back in the new year and watch it again in 3D. I would give it ten stars if I couid.

  6.  Is it or is'nt it


    A very quick review just to say that looking for what I know I need to. I can say with a fair amount of confidence that the Super Elite is a Jasper. Buy with confidence!

  7.  Old fashioned in a good way.


    The premis of this film is what if the villians around about the time of the second world war had a disgruntled genius who both wanted to save the world and destroy humanity. The more than passing images of that time work really well and it is a good tale of daring do. Buy it, it's a good old fasioned watch.

  8.  New film - New eyes - New critic


    I cannot understand this pressing need to compare to the original. Things get anchored in the past and take on near mythical importance. The original was a good movie but who reading this believes they should have made a frame for frame copy. This versions makers had the guts to be different and it worked. Some such attempts do fail like the dismal War of the Worlds remake. But between effects and storyline this was a passable film. They who complained it was slow, I can only say what where you expecting - Saw V? A good average film!

  9.  Help request


    By now this Xbox360 should have a revised chip set designed to help lower the risk of RRoD. However it would not hurt to use an addissional cooling fan. I would ONLY recommend the USB powered one made by Logic3. You may buy it online or hunt down on the high street. Do not use any other kind as thet draw their power from the power brick and cause all sorts of problems. You will at worst have a three year RRoD warranty.

  10.  Better and worse


    I went to see this film already aware that they had reused ang lee's CGI version of the Hulk. And as a friend pointed out they used the same old plot of the Hulk's condition as being the basis for the main enemy in the film. Hulk1, enemy crazy father Hulk2 crazed ambition mad army guy. However the level of the script was higher than the first, the cast was better and despite other reviews there was some good effects. Had I known what the film was like I would have waited for it to come out on DVD. As it is I'm buying it on blu ray just for the hell of it. Worth getting on disc of your choice just to keep your scorecard up to date.