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  1.  Great little phone


    I had the pleasure of owning this phone for a few years and loved it, the casing and size of the phone made it a pleasure to hold and the software which is the usual sony ericsson one makes it easy and fun to use. The keys on the slide are great to touch and make messaging easy and the 3.2 megapixel camera delivers all it can.
    A good all round phone, but lacking in social network connectivity.

  2.  Brilliant, a new standard for Sony Ericsson


    I am a huge fan of Sony Ericsson and always have been, if you check other Sony Ericssons on this site i have written reviews for quite a few.
    When i heard about this phone last year i simply had to have it, from what i saw it looked stunning and the software looked fresh and new for a Sony.
    So as soon as it came out i got it and was not disappointed. It looks beautiful and although the screen is big, 4inches, it fits nicely into your hands. It has a nice plastic casing with a soft effect underneath. It has a capacitive touch screen which makes it very responsive to touch, a good 8.1 megapixel camera and nice buttons at the bottom which light up blue in between.
    The software is a new thing for Sony Ericsson, the android software, usually found in HTC phones has been given the typical Sony Ericsson update, it is the 1.6 software, hopefully soon the update to the 2.1 will surface, but it looks brilliant and the new Timescape and Mediascape options look nice and work very well, collecting everything you do, from social networking, emails, messaging, calls and listening to music in one place.
    All other functions on the phone at smoothly as a top end phone should. I am slightly biased as my love affair with Sony Ericsson phones goes on, but i can safely say it is the best Sony Ericsson made without a doubt and whips the Satio's a*s!
    If you like the look of the phone and enjoy the android software then this is a must buy, you won't regret it!

  3.  Why is everyone so excited??


    I must admit, this phone does look great. And i wanted it for my upgrade after a day i sent it back. The symbian software on it was beautifully done by sony ericsson, but it didnt stop it having the clunky factor about it and general "too much crammed into one space" feel. As much as I love SE phones as thats all i have, i was disappointed. The main reason being the touchscreen, its resistive, which means its stupidly hard to type anything on it. It really did get on my nerves and was sent back in a day. If you can cope with that, then yes it is a good phone. But it wasnt for me, i bought the Aino instead, and have never looked back. brilliant little phone!

  4.  Absolutely Brilliant Phone


    This month is was time for my upgrade and i decided to go for the Satio, as the Satio had the 12 megapixel camera and touchscreen bla bla. After a day with the Satio i sent it back. It had a resistive touchscreen and being the big texter i am it just got on my nerves having to literally jab the screen all the time. I then went back into store and saw this one, so i thought i would try it. And i've never looked back. Sure its long once youve got the keyboard out but it weights out nicely, is very nicely finished off and the screen is 16:9 which is a treat on the eyes. The 8 megapixel camera isnt really that brilliant but it certainly does the job. The phone itself has the trusty old Sony Ericsson interface which to me is always welcome as its easy to use and functional. But the highlight of this phone has to be the media section. It is beautiful to look at and superbly layed out, and it has a capacitive touch screen for this so it so responsive it works a treat! Also bundled in you get a docking cradle and bluetooth receiver so you can listen to your music wirelessly and it works and sounds great! The other upside to this phone is you can control your PS3 with it, i have films on my PS3 and when im connected at home to the internet, if im in a wifi area i can watch that film on my Aino its brilliant and i can control my PS3 from wherever too!
    The phone is great, the only problem i seem to have with it, is its keypad, the buttons are a little too close together, but i think you will get used to it in time. Otherwise its a beautiful, sleek and sexy phone which ive come to love!