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  1.  British Shocker


    This is an extremely violent British film and the story could so easily be true. A couple head off for a peaceful time camping in an area known as Eden Lake. They set up camp on the waters edge and are soon disturbed by a bunch of rowdy teenagers. Trouble soon ensues as the teenagers are challenged by the couple. The film has some disturbing scenes of violence and makes you question if it really is safe to go anywhere alone today.

  2.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Deliverance


    From the makers of Wolf Creek this is not a story about bad weather although that is the cause for a well to do couple to become stranded in the middle of what seems like nowhere. This is the story of their struggle to try and make it through the night after they are caught seeking refuge from the storm in the home of a sadistic family. I thought the film held the tension throughout and you never really guess if the couple are going to survive their ordeal or not. If you are a fan of Wolf Creek then this is better.

  3.  Love and hate


    I hate murder mysteries but for some reason loved this one. I can't tell you why but I did. If like me you usually hate them, try this one and see if it changes your mind. The film starts off very boring until you get to that stage where you are about to give up on it but don't because you have watched too much already. That's when the film gets interesting and turns out to be a good watch. This is what I would call a modern version of a typically quaint English murder mystery that is supported by a strong acting cast.

  4.  Entertaining


    I may be the odd one out for saying this but I do not believe White noise 2 and 1 are connected other than by the fact they both involve contact of sorts via a blank tv screen. There is no follow on plot in White Noise 2 and I must say that I enjoyed it more than White Noise 1. The film starts with a killing moves forward in time to allow you to take in what the actor is discovering on screen and then it goes back in time to explain why the killing at the beginning. A very enjoyable film with a few jumpy moments that made me sit up rather than scream.

  5.  High Flyer


    The problem with some reviews on here is the reviewer gives the plot away and spoils the film before you have watched it. All I will say is the film is well made well acted and holds your attention right through till the end. This is a delightful film with a sort of happy ending. You will have to watch the film to know what I mean!



    To those who want to know a little more about Edith Piaf and her life then this Academy Award winning film is one way to go about it. The film is subtitled as the language is French but this should not put off anyone as you soon forget that you are reading while you are watching. The film captures the life of Edith Piaf from a very young girl to her untimely death. It is a very sad film and I was left wishing that somehow I could have lived at that time and done something to prevent the death of one of the greatest if not the greatest singers to have come out of France. The film is made with images of Edith at the end of her life interspersed with images at the various stages of her career. This in my opinion lends to enhance the mood of the film as you feel even more for Edith. A truly remarkable film and a truly remarkable lady.



    I can't see how anyone can fail to be entertained by this animated film. Five stars? I would give it six if I could. Buy it , watch enjoy and laugh with it. This is probably the best Disney Pixar have done together so far.

  8.  WATCH IT?


    This is a must see film although it does not fall into the category of a film you can watch over and over if you know what I mean. I had no prior knowledge of what the film was about and saw it based on recommendation. The film tells its story using a few flashbacks to fill in the gaps. The ending comes quicker than you want it to as the film is around an hour and a half in length. I enjoyed the film and would recommend it.

  9. 1408



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    The answer quite simply is no. Don't get me wrong, the script and acting is first class as is most of the special effects but what lets this film down are the ghosts. Lets face it, the film is about ghosts and they are meant to scare the pants off of you and they don't. Watch this film is you want to be entertained but not if you want to be scared silly.



    Hostel 2 is not as good as Hostel but I was expecting that to be the case even with this being a Quentin Tarantino film. Hostel 2 continues where Hostel left off only in this the male victims are replaced by female ones. The gore to be fair is almost as bad as the original but if you have seen the original then you are expecting it to be worse the second time around and it is not. That said, it's still pretty damn bad!!! The storyline on Hostel 2 is not as strong as Hostel and a lot of time is spent on the follow through story. You have to watch Hostel before you watch Hostel 2 else the storyline will be spoilt. I am glad I watched the movie as it is a must see but don't be too disappointed if you were expecting Hostel 2 to be better than Hostel.