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  1.  tony scott is unstoppable!


    A typical tony scott movie does what it sais on the tin.only tony scott could make a boring train story interesting for nearly 2 hours and this is worth a watch maybe more than just the once.denzel washingtons last train movie was a let down in my eyes 'pelham 123' this makes up for it but only thanks to scott.blu-ray picture a little grainy here and there and you have to use zoom to get the full screen so 4 stars but deff a good film worth buying with free dvd.



    If you are a u2 fan and think you've seen it all from u2 think again if like myself you have seen them live and on dvd and think you've seen them in all their different moods like elevation live 2001 when bono looks totaly wrecked and not good at all this is the total opposite i have never seen bono looking so fit and totaly alert and in time with the boys effortless brilliant you can understand every word what a concert awesome not enough words of praise in the dictionary for this the best is the sound in true hd never have they sounded so pure and the picture at times is yes a little grainy certain scenes are but everything is better in hd even though not picture perfect all the time and i don't know why with 27 hd cameras used in 360 circle but this is the only fault with this concert and still worth 5 stars for the hd surround sound alone do not hesitate you will not be disappointed i can't put this down!!

  3.  Huge Predator Fan!


    If like me you are a big fan of the predator franchise you will enjoy this movie but its not half as good as it could have been its basicaly a let down for predator fans references to the original were very cheeesy brody tried looking like arnie covered in mud bare chested was really laughable all the characters lacked personality and presesnce but saying that the first 40 minutes was good and the last 10 minutes was ok what happened in the middle was not a lot and way too dark glad this was not the original sequel coz predator 2 was better also avp was better than this but like i said watchable but wait until its a lot lot cheaper then you won't feel mugged !!

  4.  amazing transfer


    this is the 2nd best 'older' movie i have bought on blu-ray the best transfer of an older film for me is the original italian job this comes a close second its absolutely amazing the picture detail for a 23 year old film is brilliant ive always been a fan of this film got it on dvd which is grainy never before bought it on blu-ray due to bad reviews unlike this hunter edition which as great reviews because its great like they say although i don't see the plastic faces that have been mentioned i can understand where people are getting this from but for me carl weathers in particular looks plastic when he sweats his face can be described as plastic but its just amazing detail transfer its the sweat on his face due to his colour i own a panasonic plasma and player and i have no issues with this transfer its FAB one of the best films and transfer to high deff its a must buy 'GET TO THE CHECKOUT CHOPPER.



    there is actually quite a good story behind this film but its been made so rubbish to the point where it is on my shelf where i keep the most rubbish movies i have ever purchased just incase we have a freeze like in the day after tomorrow where they burn books i would have no problem burning this to keep warm infact would be a pleasure how can anyone make such total rubbish then actually charge you to watch it should pay us compensation for such deciept looks good but don't be fooled do not buy this movie terrible acting so annoying is the main character he talks to himself you really can't understant what he's on about except that he has qualifications in swearing not even worth the one star!

  6.  still the best ever vampire movie!


    told through the eyes of the vampires you actually feel for these characters terrific story by ann rice made so brilliantly by neil jordan this movie still stands as the best ever vampire film a true classic with great actors brad pitt is amazing great soundtrack from guns and roses cover of the rolling stones classic sympathy for the devil still a little grainy on blu-ray but its still an improvement on the dvd picture.



    outstanding blu-ray picture hence the one star but what a totaly boring movie i normaly like a bit of sci-fi have to say this is the worst sci-fi movie i have ever seen this is only my opinion of course but i do think the story is a good one just needed to be told in a different more up beat kinda way with a bit more excitement for me this movie never really gets going but great effects in this movie really shows off the high deff!

  8.  BUY THIS!


    This is a great concert made even more amazing by high deff blu-ray format,superb sound if you have a surround sound 5.1 system plug your blu-ray player into it you will be blown away its like being at the concert totaly amazzzzing 10 outta 10 just love you celine!!



    This is the best since the first rambo made so much more enjoyable by the outstanding blu-ray picture quality 10 outta 10 for picture quality 8 out of 10 for the film.....well it will never beat the original rambo but a damn good try from old sly!!

  10.  BLU-RAY LEE!!


    Your obviously a fan of this movie to be reading this review so just buy it you will not be disappointed made even better on blu-ray great transfer!