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  1.  Possibly the only game you need on your PS4 right now


    'Nuff said!
    But no really, it's outstanding. Graphics, gameplay, voice acting, graphics, side missions, did I mention the graphics. Very rarely have I been this addicted to a game in all of my gaming years. It's not perfect as there are the odd little graphic glitch (I've found two in over 12 hours playing) so in view of that I'd have to score it a 4.9999 recurring which would round up to 5 anyway.

  2.  Just Can't Get Into This One


    I'm a bit late getting this latest COD as I've heard mixed reviews but I can honestly say I am more than a little disappointed with it. For the first time ever, I am having much more fun playing the campaign than multiplayer. I'm no expert player and certainly don't sit there for hours on end but I'm able to hold my own and managed to prestige on a couple of games but this seems so difficult. The maps are huge, which is no bad thing, but it enables campers (my pet hate in these games) to sit/lay there waiting for you to run past. Also, when you do get someone in your sights, what's the whole "I've just empied a clip into you and you killed me with two shots" about? It just seems that the ranking system is quite harsh. At first I thought it was because I was a latecomer to the game but I've bought other COD's long after the release date and not struggled like this.
    So in view of this, I'm playing the campaign more and I have to admit I'm liking it. The graphics are smooth and the introduction of the dog can be a good thing in places. Yep I'm enjoying it. Others have mentioned that the length of the game is disappointing but this is something that doesn't bother me as my games tend to last me years as I always end up buying another new game in a matter of weeks so the previous one gets left behind. I'm hoping to complete World At War one day. Joking? Nope, thats how I like to play my games, a little and often unless its multiplayer but that 'ain't happening with this one. Black Ops 2 remains my series favourite for multiplayer. I think MW2 would have beaten it if they'd have included the colour blind option for us optically challenged people.

  3.  It Is What It Is


    I'll be honest in this review and not write it through rose tinted glasses. To start with, it's not a fantastic game, it was never going be, never could be. From the day the first trailer appeared on the net, Reef were hammered with comments like "Shiney Potato Head Rambo" and the such like. It was true, the graphics weren't great but you have to hand it to Reef, every single trailer released after that, the graphics certainly showed improvement, Granted, not to the PS3 level but a definite improvement. So graphics aside, what else is there? The fun factor? Is it fun? Does it make you smile? Hand on heart - yes. And a big smile at that.
    All those of you that set your standards of gameplay and graphics on the Call of Dutys and Battlefields are going to be sorely disappointed. Hell, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't even buy it in the first place as you would have probably made your mind's up seeing the trailers and reading the various snippets out there. If you just give it the time and take a step back and take it for what it is (hence the review title), you're going to have fun. I am trying not to be biased here or even come across as an employee of Reef(!), but I have waited for this game since reading about the first rumours in a PS magazine some time ago. Each time it was set back, I was gutted. I've always got excited about the release of a new GTA game or, to a lesser extent, Call Of Duty. I've never understood the midnight launch of a game and, to what I would call "saddos" , turning up at 1201 for a new game but I have to admit it, when this game was finally guaranteed a 21st Feb release, I would have turned up at 1201 for it. Granted, there would probably only have been me there and I dare say after the months of waiting and repeatedly watching the trailers Reef kindly kept emailing me, I think I deserved Stallone to turn up himself and hand over my copy.
    So was I happy when I started it up? Mweh, mixed reactions. First of all I was expecting a FPS style shooter, not the on rails Time Crisis style I was staring at. Disappointed? A little. But hold a minute, how refreshing is this? It's NOT a typical first person shooter but something a little different and at the end of the day it's freaking Rambo. Then the audio kicked in. Oh yeah, it's Rambo alright. As for the gameplay, I love the reload function where if you make a mess of it the gun jams and slows you down. The five "lives" they give you before you have to start the level again gives a bit more of a challenge to it and takes away the safety of the checkpoints.
    If I have to make some criticisms, and let's face it I do, it has to be the audio of the dialogue from the films and possibly the length of the actual game.
    Firstly the audio. As you can tell by my previous couple of thousand word essay above this line, I like this game but I have to be harsh on this as the sound comes across as if someone was watching the films in their lounge and decided the record the voices on their old cassette recorder. It's such a shame as the audio soundtrack is spot on and with your eyes closed, you wouldn't know if you were booting up the blu ray of the film or loading the game.
    Secondly, the game length. I get the impression that it's not going to be very long. I'm not somebody who completes games very often as I tend to move onto another game but within 3/4 of an hour, I was into First Blood Part 2 so are we looking at 2 1/2 to 3 hours max? I actually had to turn it off as after months of anticipation, I didn't want to complete it and I'm on the hardest level just to try and draw the game out!
    Well I'm nearly out of characters and I haven't talked about Move yet! Give it a go, you may be :)

  4.  Personally My favourite Of The Series


    As others have mentioned, the series hasn't moved on in great leaps and bounds but I personally feel the little tweaks they have done warrant five stars. I'm only about an hour into the campaign on the hard difficulty so for all those complaining about it being short, crank it up a notch, it'll draw the game out by an extra 50 - 75% playing time easily. Mind you, I'm not the world's best game player which brings me to Multiplayer.

    It's pretty much more of the same but there's some great new maps in there and I love the custom load outs you can do. It really helps you tweak when you're not the world's best player.

    I, like others, had concerns about the futuristic leap with the series but this has been done extremely well in my opinion.

    Overall, I think it's a nice step forward, not leap, for the series and one where new players can leap into it without caring too much about the back story and existing players can enjoy something a little different.

    Let's face it, it's Call Of Duty. It's never going to change that much but that won't stop us buying it.

    To summise, great graphics, great voice acting, great story (so far) so I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    For the record, I bought the Care Package edition and I thought it was good value for money compared to other so called "ltd" "special" editions etc I have bought in the past.

  5.  I'm easy to please but ...................


    Now no exaggeration, but this could possibly be the best game I have ever played in my life. I'm not saying that lightly as I have been plaing games since the old Grandstand machines and you had two paddles a full stop to bounce between them! Later on the Mega Drive wowed me with Flashback and then I fell head over heels for the re vamp of Grand Theft Auto on the PS2 (also loved the aerial view 1 & 2 and not to forget London) and to me, Scarface took the best of every game I have loved and threw it into one foul mouthed little package. Of course I'm a realist so I have to say the graphics aren't the best but come on, hands up out there, who bought the Wii for the graphics? The controls are spot on, the cars handle well and the missions are varied between easy, hard and you've got to be kidding me. If you're over 18 and have no children or easily offened adults within a five mile radius, you won't go far wrong with this.