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  1.  Do not leave this page without buying !!


    Perfect - is all i can say - this game is the best out of all of them !
    i thought it would be hard to beat lego star wars clone wars...but it happened!
    cut scenes are hilarious (If you have seen the films) game play is awesome!
    be good to yourself and buy this treasure

  2.  Capcomtastic


    This game is astounding ! the movement of characters if flawless. the controls are amazingly easy to pick up ! trophies are challenging but at the same time easy to obtain. graphics are immense compared to most fighting games ! and as im playing on a 37'' HD tv, im mightily impressed ! hours of fun off and on line ! i do however recommend a few weeks before buying as prices are sure to drop ! enjoy and have fun

  3.  3 Stars for game play. -2 stars for time


    If this game ran on the same engine as the last one, i.e. missions done when you wanted to do them. then this game would be the best game released on ps3. there are so many places to go, so many zombies to kill and hell of a load of laughs. especially when making the weapons. BUT. everything you do has a time limit. which is rediculous, the side missions, you dont mind so much, cuz there is loooooads of them. but the main story missions, if they time out...its game over. the same thing applies for giving katy zombrex. she dies GAME OVER. but you do keep your level and costume when you start over, so the loss isnt that bad, that is if you do lose lol. your going to want to do something but cant because a story missions NEEDS doing. also, the psychos are mega hard to defeat. (talking from a level 10 perspective). consider this review and see if it helps.

  4.  This game is awesome !


    being the franchise star wars is, the best people to play are the fans. i understand the people who dont love star wars think this game is tedious and annoying, because ive felt like that about other games and films etc. this game...i agree, is short. on easy it took me 4 - 5 hours , without stopping. the first one took me literally days. there is loads of other stuff to do, like the challenges which trust me...will challenge you. the trophies as well, are good to collect, i am just one trophy away from a platinum and i bought it on release day. the story is fantastic and i know it can carry on. i imagine DLC which will extend the story, add maps, maybe even add a touch of multiplayer. my advice is to buy this if you are a true fan. if your just thinking about killing some time then go ahead and rent, either way, you wont be dissapointed. hope this helps :)

  5.  amazingly...scary :D


    when me and my friend first played this game, we made the mistake of turning the lights off. on a 22" hd tv...the creatures are scary. gameplay is addictive and keeps you on your toes. i loved the story and the weapons. BEWARE.. if you suffer a heart condition, do not play this...it made us jump 100 times over xD
    10/10 from me