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  1.  Good game


    I can understand why some people don't like the werehog levels since they aren't really that "Sonic like", but I enjoyed them quite a lot. It's fun going around and killing everybody in sight, though when you have to be very accurate in order to avoid falling down it's not that unusual for the camera to mess up everything, causing you to die. Or in cases when you'd just wanna see around you but the camera is kinda locked to the place, giving you no chance to do so.

    The Sonic levels are awesome. Okay I have to admit, some of them are hmm, annoying to say at least, but mostly they are pure gold. It's all Sonic - going damn fast collecting rings. Almost like the old Mega Drive games.

    The graphics are quite stunning and a lot better than the Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox 360. Why didn't they name it a bit better) game had. And it's definitely a BIG plus that you can download the original Japanese voices to the game.

    And yeah, btw. I think the RPG style game design is just freaking cool. The "Select-your-stages-from-the-list/you can't select the stages at all, we just give them to you"-gamestyle fits the 2D games, but with a 3D game it'd just be annoying and pausing the game too much.

  2.  I like the plot, but boy, is this challenging or what


    As said, I do like the plot, it's quite interesting. The graphics are great, gameplay is good, I like the stages in general BUT. Why, oh why is it so damn easy to die? There's like hundreds of places where you have to be 100% accurate with your actions or else you'll die. And die. And die. I don't even know how many times I had to see that damn continue screen. If you concentrate on anything else for just about 2 seconds, you'll probably fall to your death.
    But, if we don't think about dying all the time, it's a good game. Not great, but good.
    So if you like Sonic and have good nerves, go ahead and buy this game, but if you're one of those angry gamers and don't wanna break your TV throwing your Xbox controller to the screen, do yourself a favour and stay away.

  3.  A good game


    I got this game many years ago, at about the time it was released, so I was a lot younger than I'm now. Back then I thought this was the best game ever, offering me the optimal challenge and everything. Nowadays I wouldn't really describe it with those words, but I can say that if you don't play games that much and don't need anything too challenging, this is a good game for you. It certainly has a good gameplay and it's great fun going around and sniffing things.
    But imo if you're a gamer like me, it's probably gonna be too easy. For me, winning the bones is all too easy and it's just damn tedious having to go around collecting useless stuff when you already have enough bones to win the whole game.
    I'd recommend buying this if you want to experience something a little different, have kid(s) who like(s) animals and like playing games, or just want something fun to kill your time with.