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  1.  Excellent drama


    This is a quality piece of television and the kind we need much more of. Everything works, from the wonderful variety of characters to the beautiful scenery. Certainly one that keeps you guessing, this is a great watch. Obviously, if you watched it on television, its not going to have the same feeling, as the whodunnit factor is gone. However, if you are new to this, I would certainly recommend it.

  2.  Classic concert


    Filmed at Hammersmith Odeon in 1983, this is Dire Straits in their pomp.Great selection of tracks, incredible atmosphere and a superb performance by the band, make this an excellent dvd. Technically, although the picture quality, being 30 years old, can't match todays incredible standards it is, nonetheless, very good indeed. The sound, played using the DTS option on the menu, is absolutely incredible and easily surpasses some of the more recent dvds I own. I love concerts in small venues, because the atmosphere always seems so much better than in the big arenas, as does the sound. This concert brought back memories of seeing some great bands playing at Newcastle City Hall about 30 years ago. All in all, an excellent dvd to own. Classic, quality stuff.

  3.  Great stuff


    Oasis captured at two great gigs. For me, the Manchester footage is superior, but both concerts are excellent and show Oasis at their best. Technically, the video quality is great. The sound, although there is no DTS, gives the choice of stereo or 5.1 surround. The surround mix is disappointing, sounding quite muffled and very compressed. However, the stereo mix is excellent, very raw with loads of base. You can get this for next to nothing now, so don't hesitate. A great one for your collection. Best played loud.

  4.  Superb DVD


    Can't really add that much to the other reviews, other than to mention the technical quality of this disc. The video is excellent, incredibly sharp and clear. The sound, played through my home cinema setup is absolutely fantastic, especially the DTS mix. This is without doubt one of the best music dvds I own. Truly outstanding.

  5.  Superb


    Please don't be put off by the 1 star review on here, cos this is an excellent dvd. Wonderful performance from PG and his band, combined with excellent video quality and awesome sound(especially if you have a home cinema setup). I think the 1 star reviewer was either in a bad mood or just plain doesn't like Peter Gabriel. I have over 200 music dvds and this is right up there with the best of them. Great stuff.

  6.  Superb collection


    This is an excellent collection to own if you're even remotely interested in this great band. Most of the best stuff is here. Technically, the video quality is excellent. It would have been great to have a surround sound mix, but the stereo mix here is a very good one and I'm getting plenty from my rear speakers. All in all, a great dvd. A must have for any fan and well worth the money if you have any interest at all.

  7.  Excellent movie


    How one reviewer can describe this as boring is just unbelievable. This is, without doubt, one of the best films I've seen in a long time. The acting, cinematography and storyline are all great. The setting and scenery are breathtaking at times. What I also found very refreshing was the lack of any swearing or sex. So many modern films overdo both these aspects and it just becomes boring. In short, this is a beautifully produced film, with a simple plot, great acting and a satisfying end. Highly recommended.

  8.  Superb


    Forget about the three star review....just a strange review. The CD's of the concert are excellent but, I must admit, I did only but this for the DVD's. The picture quality is stunning and the audio, played thru a decent home cinema, will blow you away. This is another superb product, on a par with the Albert Hall gig. You should also check out the In Concert DVD, which is more subtle, but equally impressive. Wonderful stuff.

  9.  Perfection


    You can see for yourself what a great setlist this is....but everything else matches it. Firstly, the performance. Michael's voice is as strong and pure as ever and the backing singers and musicians are excellent. The performance is enhanced by the magnificent setting. The Royal Albert Hall is, in my opinion, a perfect venue. Forget about the big arena concerts. A lot of them lack atmosphere and the sound can sometimes seem a bit echoey. The sound in the Albert Hall is, on all of the DVD's I own from this venue, absolutely perfect. Check out the Killers concert...phenomenal. The crowd also adds to the concert, getting really involved and creating a fantastic atmosphere.Finally, some technical stuff. The video quality on this disc is outstandingly good. It has obviously been shot with HD cameras. As a result, the picture quality is stunning. Such a pity the Adele concert at this venue doesn't come up to this standard. The sound on this disc is absolutely superb. You have a choice of stereo, 5.1 DD and DTS. I opted for the DTS , which is absolutely fantastic. The sound channels are used superbly through a home cinema setup and there's loads of base to play with. If you want it to , your living room will bounce. Haven't yet checked out the other sound options. All in all, this is a brilliant DVD. It's not that often that everything is perfect on music DVD's but, in this case, it certainly is. I own over 200 music DVD's but this is right up there with the best. A real gem.

  10.  Sheer class


    This is such a fantastic dvd. Lisa Stansfield and her backing group give a wonderful intimate performance. Everything is just perfect...the setlist, the performance and the setting are all great. Technically, the video quality is superb and the audio is excellent. Played through a home cinema setup it's absolutely fantastic. This is a beautifully produced dvd and one of the best I own.