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  1.  Really enjoyable!!!


    I was afraid that this movie would fail to meet my expectations coz it held so much promise but thankfully I was not let down. If you're looking for a full on horror frightfest you will be disappointed however coz this is not that kind of movie. Think less 'Texas Chainsaw...' and more 'American werewolf in London' crossed with the original 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' movie in a tango with 'The Lost Boys' . It's a very precise tone that these type of flicks carry and therefore won't appeal to everyone. On the contrary, if you do like this sub-genre I highly recommend seeing this movie. It's funny, sexy, beautifully shot and has decent special fx. Ticks all the boxes for me!!!

  2.  Saya rules!!!


    I'm a fan of the original anime so I was very interested to see how this live action version would turn out and I'm happy to say that I was suitably impressed.
    I'm delighted with how much of the anime is accurately emulated and the overall tone and atmosphere has also been maintained.
    'Gianna' captures Saya's character perfectly - she's beautiful and sullen and totally badass! The action scenes are great including newer scenes which aren't in the anime.
    The only criticism I have is for the ridiculously bad cgi blood which the film is awash with (it looks like Aero bubbles streaming out of people!) and the even worse rendered cgi demon.
    I think Koyuki(Onigen) has been overdubbed too which makes her character sound strange. But overall the movie overcomes these minor shortfalls and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the anime or a blood drenched fantasy martial arts flick!!!

  3.  Don't Bother!!!


    Among the horror genius that has come from Asia over the last decade or so, I've always found Thailand to produce the least remarkable movies in the genre. For this reason I stopped watching any Thai horror coz it's all so predictable and boring. However, being a red blooded male and a fan of horror 'spoitation I was fascinated by the prospect of 'Sick Nurses'. Unfortunately this movie once again falls short of the mark on all accounts. All the horror is 'Ju - On by numbers' and the gore factor is very tame. Seriously you'll yawn through the horror. But most importantly (let's be honest here!) it's the nurse angle which is the most disappointing. Some of the nurses are hot but really there are sexier scenes in a 'Carry on...' movie.
    I implore any guy that is thinking of ignoring the warnings in these reviews, this movie is not worth buying. It doesn't have what you're looking for so just save your money!

  4.  Bit disappointed!


    I do think this is a good movie but in comparison to the other movies in the franchise I was a bit disappointed with it as a whole. I would say it has a lot more in common with the the 2nd movie(2 fast 2 furious) in that the cars are less of a feature and it's more story driven. What I love about the fast and furious franchise is the exciting, adrenaline pumping, youthful, urban street culture atmosphere with the stunning cars, vibrant soundtrack and tons of hot chicks. As it goes, in my opinion this movie has boring cars, boring music and a drastic shortage of sex appeal compared to the others. Of course the highlight is the reintroduction of the original cast - Paul Walker and Vin Diesel deliver the goods and keep things interesting but I think if this movie was made with low key and relatively unknown actors like 'Tokyo Drift' this would be a straight up average movie!!!

  5.  Almost perfect!


    I loved this book. It's an intriguing narrative into an erratic, misanthropic and ultimately pitiful mind. Disturbing at times and hilariously mad in places. I really felt for the main character 'Holden Caulfield'. My only criticism is for the ending which I felt was frustratingly abrupt and unsatisfying, purely because the rest of the story was so captivating and always felt like it was leading to an intersting end. However despite this, I still thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is intersted in checking it out.

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     Surprisingly good!


    I expected to hate this movie coz the trailers reminded me of Jumper which I thought was rubbish. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it was. It can be a bit confusing at times but in general it's an interesting concept with good acting, good fx and even the fact that it's set in Hong Kong gives it a unique vibe. I'd like to see a sequel!!!

  7.  Disappointing!!!


    I was looking forward to seeing this movie after seeing the trailers. Unfortunately I found it to be totally disappointing. Ultimately it's a boring movie with very little substance, resorting to the cliched 'sudden loud bang accompanied by jolt of violin' scares and the old 'sudden appearing ghostly figure accompanied by jolt of violin' ...you get the picture. It's all been done before and better. If you're scared of your own shadow you'll get a kick out of this, if not don't bother!

  8.  Horror to haunt the soul?


    I really loved the first half of this movie. I thought it moved at a good pace and the gradual unveiling of the mystery kept things interesting.It was a visceral expession of violence and emotion. Mylene Jampanoi was amazing as Lucie and still remains the outstanding memory in my mind when I think of the movie - a truly tragic character. However, I found the second half to be less engaging and drawn out and the violence became increasingly, unnecessarily brutal. I love Hostel and Tokyo Shock horror so I'm not squeamish either. Add to that a less than satisfactory ending and these are the reasons I didn't give it 5 stars. I would still buy the movie though for the first half and I would definitely recommend anyone to watch the movie in it's entirety because it is truly evocative!!!

  9.  Excellent!!!


    I just finished reading this last night and didn't close the book till 4a.m coz I was so captivated. I've read a lot of other David Gemmell books and this stands out as one of my favourites so far. The characters are beautifully portrayed and the story is a genuine whirlwind of action and emotion. It's been a while since I was moved so much by a novel. Thank you again, the late, great David Gemmell!!!