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  1.  Very Underwhelming


    Sarah Brightman has had some innovative ideas for some of her previous albums and this starts with promise, it does have an ethereal slightly spiritual quality to it as I think you would expect, given the title. However, it lacks that all important drama and is on the whole rather underwhelming and bland. In addition, while there is a sweetness to Brightmans voice it can sound terribly weak and thin in parts. I kept waiting for the album to get going as it gently rolled along, but before I knew it the whole lacklustre album was over. Sarah Brightman has said she goes with her ideas, some work and some dont. For me this doesnt, not one of her best albums.

  2.  Stunning


    First thing I must say is that I'm not a huge Celine fan when she sings in English, too much screaming and shouting. However, I do like her singing in her native French, and this album is stunning, full of charm, love and emotion. It is worth buying just to hear the final track, a true masterpiece 'Tant De Temps' which is a a duet with the late Caribbean French artist Henri Salvador, the song is achingly beautiful. Stunning.

  3.  Stunning


    I was drawn into this album from the very first play, with the sweeping dramatic vocals and musical arrangements, on the whole all the songs are sensational, I love track 1 Taken by the sea, track 6 Bloodstained Heart in particular, this is a really good classy contemporary pop song, that reminds me also of the work by the great synth band Hurts, and the final track The siren's call. I would have given the album 5 stars had the songs all of been of the same sweeping dramatic quality as these three. But all that said its still a great studio album from Darren. This guy is very underated as an artist and deserves a lot more attention and success. A Stunning and atmospheric album.

  4.  Deep & Emotional


    The first thing that strikes me about Darren Hayes is that his voice is a combination of the great George Michael, David Bowie and Green Gartside from the 80s pop group Scritti Politti, these appear to me to have influenced his singing style. I would agree with the other reviews in that there is a sadness and loss in the songs presented here. There is also a strong electronic feel to the musical arrangements, some working better than others. I would like to hear is happier side, because he has a great contemporary voice, that I don't feel is fully demonstrated here. His best is still to come.

  5.  Too Restrained


    I love BS and her magnificent voice and vocal range, this album was recorded when she was at the peak of her vocal ability so I had high hopes of this album. However, for me it just does not work, while there is a sweetness to her voice, there is no flow from her with these songs and her voice seems constrained by the style and language of these classic songs.

  6. Duets II

    Duets II

    Tony Bennett - CD

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     Easy Listening


    Here we have part two of Tony Bennett's Duets albums. These are duets with A List artists, like the first some of the interpretations and arrangements work better than others, of note is the duet with Lady Gaga which is great, one than really does not work at all for me is the duet with the great Aretha Franklin, it is painful listening.

  7.  Some Good Harmonies


    Anything that the great BS does is note worthy. Here we see a selection of duets recorded over her long career from the 1960s to the recording of two new songs in 2002 with Barry Manilow and Josh Groban, neither work that well in my opinion. It is a mixed bag, but well worth a listen.

  8.  Great Orchestrations


    A list of great songs with great orchestrations, with A list artists. All that said, some interpretations of the songs work better than others.

  9.  More questions than answers


    It's hard to describe this book, I suspect people who buy it are looking for some answers, does it give any? I'm not really sure. However, the books main message is the power of love, compassion, faith and forgiveness. All that said, there were very many areas in the book that I struggled with.

  10.  Wonderful


    This is a great story, although set in the present day I could not help thinking that if the late great Noel Coward been alive today, this is a book he would have written due to its style and manner, William Corlett has done a great job with this.

    The story unfolds around two gay men who buy a magnificent house in a chocolate box country village in England. There are a great cast of characters and the story has some odd but very amusing twists and turns. In fact it would make a great TV series. Wonderful.