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  1.  Amazing TV!


    I recently spoilt myself on a new tv, upgrading from a Samsung 32" HD ready. SO WORTH IT.

    Full HD / 3D / HD Freeview / Internet TV and the fantastic Sony playstation Home menu makes this tv a breeze to setup and a joy to watch.

    Best experienced with a Sony Cinema System, with a simple hdmi cable and an optical cable comes automatic sound switch over (smart switch for the tv to mute and all sound to come from the surround, turn it off and the tv turns its sound back on)

    With the Sony Home you can turn on the sony appliances with a touch of a button.

    Also works very well with PS3, turns on as well through the tv with a touch of a button from the Sony Home.

    Both the ps3 and sony cinema system allow full access with the one and only tv remote, just like using the original. (Ofcourse for the ps3 you would want to switch back to a controller when playing games).

    Only thing to remember when buying a tv like this is:
    1) 3d glasses, they cost around 80-120 pounds each. Keep them safe!
    2) HDMI Cables - Best to get the newset needed for 3d playback (version 1.4 3D compatible)
    3) Full integration with a Sony Cinema System needs an Optical Wire
    4) PS3 3D needs the newest HDMI cable to work (1.4 3D compatible)
    5) Sony Internet TV will only work wirelessly with Sony Toggle (80 pound approx), LAN is available.

    Enjoy this amazing TV now!
    Most 3D movies will be releasing from and re-releasing through 2011 (mostly end of). Get Avatar in 3D, apparently the best 3D movie available this year and it isn't even out yet.

  2.  Very good price but short on the 16GB.


    Very good price and a very fast delivery.
    I understand that the memory is never what it says on items, but 1.2GB short is a lot of space to be missing.
    My card has come with 14.8GB as I checked it in my pc.

  3.  Definately game of the year!


    After searching for a second game after buying my PS3 with Assassin's Creed II and completing it. I have searched for another game on Play.com and bought this because of its reviews only as because I do not believe trailers for games as they are always and only cinematic. Well this game is EXACTLY as what the trailers show. Its game-play is just a giant HD movie that actually kept me playing which is a shocker because I get bored real quickly. Now completed the game there is also a multiplayer mode where you can fight with up to 10 players in a deathmatch brawl.

    Truly one of the most entertaining and worth buying games ever! 10/10.

  4.  Essential money saver on batteries!


    If like me, a guy that likes his games but hates it when your controller goes dead whilst in a full raged battle on the Xbox360, this this the accessory you need.

    My brother bought this before me for his Xbox360, and it works just perfectly. In fact I have borrowed it a few times, and its so simple to use.

    Simply replace the battery pack from your wireless controller for the rechargeable one, and plug in the wire. Even having the Xbox360 off, you can plug this in and have it charged! The Xbox360 goes into a standby mode and charges the controller.
    It even charges when in use and plugged in, of course a slower charge but still.

    I've just bought my own to stop my brother moaning about me "borrowing" it all the time.