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  1.  Not as good as the classics but give it a break :D


    This game has nothing on the original series, however it is a pretty good platformer game. Personally I have enjoyed it and liked the creativity the game spews out. The environments are colourful and the levels are designed similarly to others platformer games, crash this time round has a couple of combos instead of the classic spin attack (still can be done).

    The game has also introduced a new concept, one were you control these titan monsters which are pretty innovative at the time. I enjoyed this game enough to pick up the xbox 360's version of mind over mutant made by same developers.

    Would recommend to any platformer fan, but other crash fans dont exepct the older crash to return.

  2.  enjoyable read


    Great book, i like these types of novels that do not entirely stick to the storyline of the game but expand further. the storyline is very good and it kept me reading it, bought another one of these and its awesome too ^^

  3.  awesome set :)


    loved the stuff they give you with the blu ray box set, really brought back some good memories, would recommend to any hardcore jp fan as myself ^^

  4.  Awesome Novel! :D


    i really liked this novel, basically because it describes what happened before the first game. It is well detailed and keeps you very interested, depicts the origin of the splicers and the life in an underwater city very well. while reading this novel i felt the same eerie feeling i got while playing the game. great buy :D

  5.  mediocre


    This game is full of action and 3rd person shooting. It can be quite fun with to play with a friend and has different online modes. All in All it is very repetitive, however the customisation of weapons makes up for it :) It also gives you the impression that your are in a movie.

  6.  hack n slash


    At first could not get into it, however by time i began to immerse myself in the game. Cut scenes, even though a bit cheesy, are nicely done. It feels like devil may cry but with a female character instead xD recommended to hack n slash fans :D