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  1.  Put this on your Christmas list.


    Well well well what can I say? I wasnt really intending to buy this but as I found 40 quid in my wallet and saw this I thought "why not?". So I bought it, and its a nice change from Call of Duty (though thats also an awsome game as well).

    First off, the graphics are alot better to look at. Everythings a bit sharper, bit more detailed and so on. But the story and the gameplay are whats made this little baby shine. The story is absoloutly gripping. I cannot stop playing just to see what happens next. The plot is based along the same storyline as its prequel, assinate your targets and defeat the Templars. Thats the base not the depth. The depth of the story however, is very gripping and addictive. The story is set in Italy in the late 15th centry where, unlike the last one, you have a bit of a personal back ground. And by this I mean you have a family. You also meet a close family friend, good old Leanardo Da Vinci. Not getting too detailed about the plot, I'll leave it there as I don't want to spoil it for anyone. :)

    Next is the gameplay. It has improved drastically. Everything still there you got your sword, dagger, hidden blade all that. But you also have the ability to throw money! Rather than fight your way trough the guards, you can throw money which will distract nearly everyone who sees the rain of coins hit the floor. Not only that but now, you can buy weapons, armour, clothing the whole lot. Its much more customizable now.

    Which remnds me. In this one, the guards will attack you if you linger around them for too long. To counter this, you can now blend in with crowds. Okay it was there before, but you can blend in with any old crowd now and instead of having to hold down to blend, you have free movement. So you can move in or out of the crowd freely, and aviod detection by the guards. The missions have also improved. Their no longer repetative as in the last one, each mission requires you to think your way around a problem in multiple ways, in some missions you can choose how you complete the mission.

    Not gotton far ahead in the game but there are major improvements that I am happy with. Unlike the last one, I think Ill play this one constantly, because it has a very in-depth addicting storyline, the gameplay has improved and I can also use a sword instead of a modern day rifle to kill enemies with.

    Overall 8/10. I'd reccomend this to anyone who enjoys stealth games.

  2.  Play for the ultimate wargasam!


    The wait is finally over! And its been well worth it! Having got this on the day of release from Play. (maassive thanks for getting it on time just as promised!) I can finially say this is an awsome game.

    Without getting into too much detail about the plot, to save the excitment for people who have yet to play the singleplayer, its much more inhanced than Call of Duty 4. You play as both the TF141, which is basically a mixture of U.S. special forces and U.K. special forces, mainly the S.A.S and the U.S. Army Rangers. Again like the last CoD, the Americans go out with all the big heavy weapons and the TF141 are more of the stealthy type. From picking off a Russian with a sniper to riding in snowmobiles, the single player will have you coming back for more. Which is all good and well.

    Spec Ops is the new mode which features 2 player co-op where you and a mate can do 'mini missions' with certain objectes that are based on the actual missions within the single player. Spec Ops is somethign new because you can just relax with a mate and just play or you can try and go for the harder missions which require both skill & teamwork. Spec Ops came out very well, but none the less its the Multiplayer that will keep you glued to your seats.

    Multiplayer is back! Hooray! It's new & improved and its 10 times better then the previous two CoDs. The multiplayer in this CoD will actually have your adrenaline pumping! There are a tonne of new weapons to choose from, including the L86 LSW which is finally a British weapon, new perks and new equipment and new maps! The gametypes have relativally staied the same with a few minor tweaks and a few new ones popped in. For example, now you can play a match using 3rd person view. It's interesting to play but CoD just simply works better as an FPS. The aren't so many perks but there are sevral good reasons for that. The first is now the more you use a perk eventually you will get a 'Pro Perk' which enhances the perk you were using. You can also customise your 'callsign'. This is basically what will appear when someone goes over your name in the lobby, kills you in game or you manage to complete and objective. Very customisable. One of the new main features in multiplayer is the ability to customise your own killstreaks. This is amazing. There are a load more killstreaks now such as commanding an gunship, calling in missiles to take out a mass of enemies, deploy sentry guns and the tactical nuke, which is really difficult to get.

    Like in most of the previous CoDs, the multiplayer is really the shining star here, and it's what most of the hype was about. It's fun, addictive and really does kill time quickly. And it does get your adrenaline pumping like I said. The urge to keep yourself alive so you can call in a missile or gunship is really exciting. One of the problems though is that if you do use party chat alot, you won't be able to use it in some of the gametypes.

    So to close things up, the single player plot is very well done, spec ops is fun if you just want a break from all the single player action or multiplayer action, the multiplayer will have you glued to your seats and there are alot of nice achievements to get. Get this game now or at Christmas it really is a little gem to have. All in all, I give this game 10/10 thumbs up. Well done!

  3.  The online play is brilliant!


    As said in the title the online is brill! However, its only something you could play with a group of mates, either online or sitting next to you. This game mainly focuses in team based play which I found pretty kool. Theres nothing like being put into a match with a bunch of randomers (or a bunch of randomers and friends if your playing with them :P) and just playing as one whole team. For this though you do need to talk to your team mates. In some matches though, you'll get people who will completly not talk. Either cos their shy, they've lost/broken their mic or they don't speak English :P Either way you can still find a way to play as a team. The online gameplay is pretty much dependant on the online community.

    The vehicles and weapons are also a joy to drive n shoot. If your playing in a objective based match on a relativly large map then vehicles are vital. There fun to drive anyway and even if you don't have the objective, or you do and your just running away from the enemy base, it will have you shouting and screaming in excitment!
    There is also a nice varity of weapons to choose from. Some are automatic, some are long range and some are just explosive! Whatever you do in Halo 3, you won't be in need of a weapon for long.

    The maps and graphics are also very beautiful as well, in my opionion. They might be 'diffrent' to other games but they are top notch on the shinyness of the armour and structures. And the water too! The lights also brghten up the game as well. Some of the maps are symatrical, some are not. Either way, most of them are deisgned around the team gameplay once again. Symatrical is just where one side of the map will be the same as the other side of the map. Easy team gameplay here. But some maps will force you to be the attacker, where you could have only vehicles and you try to get your objective, whereas the defenders have turrets and the structures for them to use to reppel the attackers. This element of gameplay I liked. It made you win or lose depending on wether you talked to your team or not. Some of the maps will be large and desgined for large teams of 8 and some will be tiny which are just for teams of 4 or just for free for all.

    The community is ever growing as well. With the forge you have the ability to edit maps how you want (to a certain restriction i.e you cant move structures unless their an object in the game) and place weapons and vehicles where you want. You can also record matches using the in game 'theatre' mode. It basically allows you to save a whole match being played, or just a short clip so you can always go back to your golden moments of victory! And also, with the online sharing system you can send your maps and video clips to the internet for all to see. You can also see other peoples work too.

    Lastly single player. Wasn't too bad. Could of been better. Sorry I didnt have enough room to review that part :( (Read another review:D)

    Overall, good game if your playing with mates, builds team work up, and is a fun game to play overall! 5/5! :D

  4.  Put that M4 away boy and load up your M1 Garand!


    Yep. We're back to WWII again. I hope its the last time we do as well. Before I begin let me just tell you what CoD4 and this CoD WAW are made by 2 diffrent devolopment companies. Cod4 = Infinity Ward, CoD WAW = Treyarch. This might be one of the reasons it might not have lived up to CoD4.

    Now, I was a little disappointed with the single player. There wasn't so much of a story put into it. It's basically U.S. Marines have to beat Japanese and Russians have to beat Nazis. Beat them all, all go home and back in time for tea. Also I thought like I didn't know the characters well enough. The 2 Marines you fight with were just regular marines to me. There wasn't enough info on them there for me to get attachted to them. The Russian Sgt. however, and another random Russian conscript (whose name I can't remember) did have some charcter and personality put into them. The Sgt. was a bloodfirsty leader who was intent on getting revenge on the Nazis for what they had done to his country, and the conscript who is just afraid of killing anyone and prefers to write about the war. Single player wasn't bad but I only play it occasionally.
    Another let down was that, unlike in Call of Duty 4, the unlockable cheats you get can't be used in single player. Only in online matches. Why not both? Oh and speaking of multiplayer, this is again where this game shines out.

    If you've played any of the Call of Duty games you'll be familiar with some of the weapons here, but theres also some new ones too. With a new enemy, the Japanese, there are added weapons to increase your arsenal. But, most of the old weapons are still there and even with the new weapons, most of them aren't really great. And some of the perks are also pretty useless and hardly anyone uses them simply because of that. So you often get everyone choosing the same weapons and the same perks. I could'nt really feel the addictiveness there. However, that said there are some pretty large and playable maps. But this is a good thing. It means more open space, which I liked alot. Theres nothing like getting a kill from a great distance, rather than getting a kill at 5 metres away. This adds to the realisim. This is something I felt more in World at War then Modern Warfare, especially in hardcore. Theres rounds going off all over you, theres explosions going off everywhere and when someones trying to shoot you, 3 dogs are after you and a mean big tank is firing at you, you defnitly think 'WOW! This is a great game- aww come on! Dead AGAIN???'.

    So to wrap it up, I'd only reccommend this game to anyone who has online play, as it shines out ALOT there than the single player. Gameplay is the same, just diffrent weapons. If you like firing fully automatics rather than firing oldies weapons, then go check out Call of Duty 4, cos its going to be a little hard finding that here. Otherwise, grab your controller, grab your mic (if you don't have one go check that out too :P) and get ready for war!

  5.  Great Film! Highly Reccomended!


    This film was great! Couldn't of asked for better! It had its cute moments and funny ones as well but the plot was simply amazing! It has obvious turns in the plot and then suddenly it will have completly unexpected turns. This film is great if you like anime or want a cute funny romantic film to watch. There is only one thing to point out though, that whilst the picture says PG and play.com gives it a PG rating, its actually a 12. :)