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  1.  great stuff !


    was not expecting much to be honest,but was gladly suprised!
    biker films have been stale now for many years but this breaths back so much life into a lifestyle most folks want but are scared to get.
    (apart from the necrophilia bits i hope!) great cast and story line,hope it can last for at least 3 seasons,before the shock level wears off!
    but saying that i have watched each disc back to back.if i had have saved them for 1 a week i would probably still be mortified by something in each episode!

  2.  who do i see to move to pandora?


    all you can say is WOW! and WOW! again. has any one seen this film and didnt want it to end? or is that just me? 3 hours of detachment from reality! no wonder jake sully didnnt wanna go back into his real self,cos i didnt! CAMERON IS THE KING OF THE WORLD! AND HE HAS RIGHTFULLY RETURNED TO HIS THRONE! LONG LIVE THE KING!

  3.  worst star wars game ever!


    it looks good,it sounds good.and u would think it would play good, but it dont! wots the point in having a game that runs as fast as as jabba the hut? its slow and tedious beyond beleif! and you cant even look up and down to scope out wot u are shooting at! save your cash and stick with yer battle front2 or the exellent lego star wars games! pants!

  4.  bizzare load of kak!


    Eddie murphy shows the only talent in this mosh of tosh! People won awards for this? The worlds gone mad! Buy a danger mouse dvd instead,u will enjoy it more! I gaurantee!

  5.  ouch! i have brain ache!


    i was bored when i watched this.it was raining and i wanted some exercise! well me brain sure got a work out! yep! iwas baffled for the 1st hour,but it looked good and it was interesting. and suprise suprise! igot completly sucked in to classic twist flick! it was good to see a brit flick with brains that wasnt set in la de da old england for a change and that really made you think,and think hard as well! dont wanna give too much away to any buyers,but im glad i bought this 1 blind! its a race to see if u can work it out before the main clues are reveled! highly recommended say i!

  6.  the past aint that impessive


    lame reviews? watch t2 and then t3 sraight aftewoods and watch a classic franchise go down the pan! this film has every thing about it to reboot a failing series! great story,great stunts.great cast.and as much chrome killing machines that u can wave a stick at! dont trust reviewers who are in thier early twenties and werent about and dont get the mythology behind the terminator series! if this film had followed t2 it would have been hailed a classic!