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  1.  wish the game went on for ever


    finished this today and it is easily one of the finest games i have ever played.
    deep,immersive,great gameplay,nice art noir graphics and good soundtrack.
    my only gripe is that it has ended and i wish the game was 10 times longer lol even though it was along game anyway!

  2.  its a decent enough headset


    I DIDNT enjoy using this headset and found it uncomfortable so ended up selling it.

  3.  100's alot but the package is goegeous!


    i bought thid sd i loved the original and when i got it,although it is very nice i think the price tag is a little steep but as i love the franchise hey!! :)
    great game,really nice extras in the hero addition and overall a very good sequel indeed!!

  4.  Masterpiece!!


    i am very glad this game eventually came to ps3 as it is one of the finest games i have ever played,massive universe to explore,great combat,really great characters....just loving it!!
    really regret not playing the original when i owned an xbox 360 :(
    roll on mass effect 3!!

  5.  Amazing sequel for an amazing franchise


    i finished this game a few days ago and lvoed every minute of it.
    excellent sequel,even better than the original classic.
    looks and plays better,bigger weapons and enviroments and some very cool set pieces.
    i wuld go as far as say i prefer dead space to resident evil as its much more survival horror.
    bonus as well,online is alot of fun even though i expected it to be rubbish lol

  6.  Best Playstation 3 exclusive.


    i love this game,love the challenge and rewards you get for progressing.
    looks and sounds great,combat is fun and online play is very original.
    im not even big into rpgs but this game combines all the best elements fom hack n slash and survivial horror with a medieval theme and it works perfectly.
    dont let the "its too hard" reviews put you off,a good player will make it through fine.
    essential purchase!

  7.  one of the best games ever made!


    i have nothing bad to say about this game and have finished it multiple times on different settings and it never gets boring.
    love the enviroments,atmosphere,soundtrack..it is all perfect.
    forget bioshock 2 which,in my opinion sucks and isnt anywhere near as good and buy this instead.

  8.  definitley second best as a sequel.


    i loved bioshock to bits and could play it now even though i have finished it numerous times but i really didnt get on with the sequel even though i tried on many occasions.
    it felt like a cash in on the game of 2007 and i found myself bored when playing it and it didnt feel like it had any of the atmosphere the original had.
    even though i was looking forward to this game and wanted to like it,it hit home that i just didnt enjoy it when i found myself still playing the original when i had the sequel in front of me lol
    roll on bioshock infinite :)

  9.  Best Move game out.


    i think this is by far the best move game out at the moment.
    polished,responsive controls and very accurate in all games.
    for the price i think the value is excellent as you get time crisis razing storm,time crisis 4 and dead storm pirates all of which are great and have multiple game modes plus there is online and a story mode which plays well but would be easier with the navigation controller which i am gunna get.
    if you like on rail shooters i think this is an essential purchase and way better than the shallow shoot.

  10.  my life belongs in Bad Company :)


    iv had a funny old bad company career,had the original on xbox 360 and blitzed it,reaching level 25 and loving it,i got bad company 2 for 360 and reached a faily good level,somewhere in the 20's region and although there seemed far too many snipers,i still loved the online experience better than the COD games by far.
    sold my 360 and bought ps3 mid 2010,rebought bad company 2 but really couldnt be bothered to level back up again from scratch so sold the game,then i bought MAG and it was awful in the beginning but grew on me,then i started finding it very boring and quite plain and dull to play so now i am back on my baby again Bad Company 2,level 11 and rising and loving it like i used to and with the VIP map packs and vietnam,all is truly good again. :)