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  1.  Cheap and Works


    I have had the intercooler for about a month now and all seems to be running smoothly. I have noticed a big differance on games with large worlds such as oblivion and Saints row. Less crashes and runs better throughout. Stays cool even after long game plays...

    It is a little louder than the standard console (I sit on top of it virtually lol) but just crank the volume up on the game and you soon forget it. I get some very loud noices on start up sometimes, maybe a power problem with the intercooler but works good after a few tries.

    Definatly worth the money, plug and play so no warrenty issues. Should put more life on your xbox 360 console.
    10 out of 10.

  2.  Cool game and worth 18 Pounds!!!


    First of all, you should not try and compare this to GTA because if you do, you will never enjoy it. This game bares more simalarity to Mafia and True Crime streets of LA but with GTA Style missions.

    You are a Saints row gang member and your objective is to run the whole city, taking territory along with the story line. Boys in the Hood style... like San Andreas.

    Cool car modifications and great mission ideas such as Insurance Fraud and Escort will surly have to be included in GTA 4. The graphics are great and I would expect similar in the new GTA...

    Overall a fantastic game and well worth the money. Game life span is a little short but earning respect before each mission insures you don´t charge through the game.

    Learning curve - 1 hour - 1 hour and a half
    Graphics - 9
    Audio - 8
    Length - 8

  3.  TWPT 2006 - Work in Progress


    I made the mistake of buying this game in Spain on Holiday. I love the Tiger woods golf series and the game has some good aspects to it. The game only has 6 courses so it´s small and the graphics are far from next generation.

    I have played 2007 and you can see the improvemnts. TWPT 2006 was a work in progress and I would sruggle to reccomend this game even at 18 pounds. Go for Tiger woods 2007 if you like golf games you won´t be disapointed. Unfortunatly this game offers no such promise...

    Sound 5 - 10
    Graphics 3 -10
    Playability 2 - 10

    Result - Two stars at best

  4.  Blood Money


    I have follwed the Hitman games since the first by Eidos for PC. I thought it was a groundbreaking game although it was overlooked for a while. The series progressed and it has got better and better.

    Hitman Blood money promises more bang for your buck with amazing Gun modifcations and great next gen graphics. They fianally made it a "18" in terms of maturity so expect more bloody demises for your foes. It also casts a shadow on the good guy mentality of the series as in one mission you assasinate a witness in a protection program... Money is Money. Well made and intellgient surroundings, each level is unique and offers multiple ways to assinate a target.

    Poison from distance or gun down everyon on site... It´s your choice and 47 will become notorios in the media for your actions. Great fun and challenging game modes and for only 17.99 a must have game in any gamers collection.

  5.  Best RPG to date...


    Elder Scrolls Oblivion took my breath away when I saw the sheer size of the playing world. They is soo much to explore, and the difficulty can be changed on a sliding scale so it´s managable for all gamers.

    It brings great asepcts from Morrowind and provides next gen gamers with a slice of what was a PC exclusive series. Absolute must have buy for 18 Quid on Play.com, I was happy paying 40 for it last year.

    They is also the Shivering isles expansion available on Xbox Marketplace. 35 more hours of gameplay and a new island to discover. This game is for everybody and has paved the way for things to come...