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  1.  Absolutely Amazing.


    Bought this wondering why the price was so high for just recording Xbox 360 gameplay. Now I can see it's totally worth it! Setup was SO easy, quality is superb and overall I'm gobsmacked with how it's turned out! I ordered 9:30PM Wednesday and it arrived 10:00AM Friday!! Great delivery.
    For those wanting to know (as I know I did) I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and edit in Windows Live Movie Maker, and everything works fine!
    Honestly, if you're considering buying it and have the budget, BUY IT!

  2.  Great game but...


    This game really is good to play, but I feel you are being cheated a little out of your money by paying full price for half a game. Disappointed, I thought you would at least be able to download extra songs. If you like AC/DC and Rock Band then I guess it's worth a buy. If not, then I really wouldn't.

  3.  Absolute Bargain!


    A top class racing game for £10! What more can I say? Money well spent, a truly brilliant driving game with realistic damage, and many other great features! If you are in to PGR and NFS, an absolute must-have!

  4.  The Best Game for 360


    This game is something special. I bought this game in June 2008 when I wasn't particularly a great fan of the Call of Duty series, because all of the previous titles had been dusty old World War games that had about 4 other competitor games. A year on, I am still playing furiously! Surely that is a sign of a brilliant game, that it can hold your attention for over a year? I definitely think so, as other games I own - such as Halo 3 - have lasted a matter of months.
    The single player campaign is intriguing, if a little predictable at times. It's relatively long, which is good because you have to keep playing to discover the climax of the story! Playing it on Normal difficulty is a good enough introduction, even if you are new to first-person shooters. Recruit difficulty is a waste of time; you get no pleasure from playing the game and it's too easy. Not to mention you get hardly any Gamerscore from it. Try the campaign on Veteran and it changes completely. You have to start using tactics to out-think the enemy, as it starts to become a one-shot kill for them!
    However multiplayer is the real strong-point of this game. There are a huge variety of game modes, each with a different objective. Infinity Ward throw you right in at the deep end with the multiplayer matches as they put you up against very experienced players immediately. Don't let this put you off, because this actually worls ver well, because it encourages you to improve how you play, and you end up discovering the maps and the different types of playing very quickly. The Prestige mode system is OK, but I think there are just a couple too many Prestiges. For those who don't know what Prestige is, I will explain. When you get to the top level of 55, Prestige mode is unlocked, and you can go through the level system again. You can do this a total of 10 times before you reach the absolute top level of level 55, top Prestige. It sounds complex and pointless, but trust me, you'll want to get through as many Prestiges as possible!
    Weapons, weapon attachments and camouflage, challenges, perks are unlocked as you progress throughout the level system, meaning you can update all of your 5 custom classes as you progress.
    All in all, this game is absolutely stunning, and if you are thinking of buying it then do, it IS the greatest game ever made for XBox, if not any platform. A complete essential to anyone who owns a games console and has a brain!

  5.  Excellent


    A truly brilliant game. The Kudos system is fantastic and still maintains its strength from the previous titles in the series. A great progression from PGR 3. The cars and the graphics are amazing, and handle fluently, not to mention the introduction of bikes, which are interesting and pose a significant challenge compared to cars, but are nevertheless enjoyable. Not to mention some easy Gamerscore! But that's beside the point. The point is that this game is an absolute must-have for any XBox 360 owner!