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  1.  Truly inspirational.


    I'm a guitarist, so I was aware of Jason Becker, originally through Marty Friedman after her joined megadeth and I kinda back tracked through Marty's music and found Jason.
    I knew he was ill, but to be fair hadn't kept upto date with how he was doing.
    Then I saw this film.
    Truly awe inspiring. The man is a musical genius. Even with the loss of the use of his body because of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) he's still composing. His music mind trapped in his body.
    Diagnosed just as he was hitting the big time, doctors pretty much wrote him off and didn't expect him to live past 25. He's now in his 40s and going strong.
    The film is uplifting but also tragic and beautify or perhaps brutally, honest. To watch a virtuoso guitarist loose control of his body is just so sad. But with the support of family, friends and millions of fans he's still with us. Defying the odds.
    I rate this as possibly the finest documentary I've seen to date. I loved Senna... Then That got trumped by I Am Bruce Lee.... Now this,
    If I had 0.01% of his playing ability I'd be a happy man.

    Be inspired. See this film.

  2.  Very well done... But..


    I really enjoyed this. In its original form it's an epic 50 part Chinese tv series. Here it's cut down to a still almost 3hr run time. I think it's this cutting down that is its only draw back. Sure, some things look cheap and low budget with some sets looking a bit out of place to where they're supposed to be. Like the Karate Championship looks like a school hall, then cuts to a wider shot of a massive indoor arena! The portrayal of Bruce Lee is very good in my opinion. It's the jumping about due to the cutting down to a film length that annoyed me while viewing. I'd love to see the full series.
    The Young Bruce Lee film is a better "film". But this is a fascinating bio drama documentary with some great fight choreography.
    4 stars for the history lesson.
    Can't do 5 due to the editing down jumping about.

  3.  Progressive Masters...


    To have Cynic back and firing on their creative best is like a dream come true. This band have such a heritage and background, from working with Chuck Schuldiner's Death (Human 1990ish) and setting the Cynic maching rolling with the amazing Focus album, to an early departure from the scene not long after Focus, to a triumphant return (via Portal and Aeon Spoke) with Traced in Air. Then came the experimental Re-Traced, taking songs from Traced in Air and reinterpreting them. Now, Carbon Based Anatomy. An 'EP' album of mindblowing progressive metal/rock. The death growls have gradually vanished, leaving Paul's haunting, often processed to give a spaceage feel, vocals to really shine. I've been a fan since Focus. Loved Aeon Spoke as well. Brilliant song writing. If you watch/listen from Cynic to Portal to Aeon Spoke to Cynic's rebirth, the progression is clearly there. Carbon Based Anatomy takes the best of all their work and effortlessly combines it to a new and spiritual Cynic CD. I know it was pretty much self recorded and produced by Paul and Sean, so you could complain it's only marketed as an EP with only 6 tracks... but no... listen to it. Feel it. It's only just shorter than Slayer's Reign in Blood!
    It's an emotional ride worth taking and with Cynic's Portal Demo's coming out soon after many years of waiting, you'll clearly see how this fantastic band have kept to their 'sound' and developed.

  4.  Superb and unique


    Fantastic book. A different take on a run of the mill 'biography'. People from close friends right up to UFC and movie starts discuss the impact of Bruce on their lives and the world of martial arts. The Close friends sections really give an insight in to Bruce Lee's way of thinking and his personality. More so, I feel than a dry run of the mill biography. I'll be interested in seeing what Fiaz Rafiq does next.... this approach to a biog is very readable. You can just dip in and out. I was pleasantly surprised by it.

  5. Moon



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     Perfect old school scifi


    One of the best films ever made! And no mean feat on it's small independent budget!
    For a first time feature film, Duncan Jones hits the mark. The balance of Science and personal drama is spot on. Sam Rockwell shows just how good he is with a brilliant portrayal of a man who's world is collapsing around him.
    The visuals hark back to old school Scifi movies like Star Trek the Motion Picture and more so, Kubrick's 2001. It's all been achieved on a shoestring budget by making use of models over full CGI. The models are 'enhanced' by CGI, but the bare bones of all shots begins with the classic Model shot. And it works. Gives it a sense of reality a CGI model still can't quite capture.

    I'm sad I missed this gem at the Cinema. I'd love to see it on the big screen, but on DVD it's still a great watch.

    Bravo. It's a brave film to make in a time where people want flash, fast, slick Sci fi movies most of the time.