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  1.  COD lost its WOW factor


    campaign i just played through like 'meh' and it was way to short, veteran was NO challenge! unlike COD4 Mile high club level, wasnt worth the full price i payed.

    online they tryed to improve the experience of playing online but its just COD 4 on repeat its one of them if you got it on offer get it but not worth the hype its getting there are better games for campaigns

  2.  Good all Rounder


    this game is the sci-fi game most Alien Predator fans have waited to try on whatever game format. i would have give it 5 stars but,

    the campaigns are short to play through on medium because its shoot shoot shoot complete for the marine and sneak sneak sneak complete for the Aliens and a bit of Sneak and Shoot complete for the Predaor. from that Con if you up the difficulty (nightmare) you will die a hell of lot more and try complete without having checkpoints or saves.

    Graphics are strange on this the characters look like they cut out the game and trophy kill sequences (alien and predator) are on a cycle repeat and lose its gore lust.

    Could have done alot more to the game seemed rushed towards the end of each story campaign.

    swings and roundabouts with the campaign of this game.

    online is good but not the best online, takes a while connect to games and the games arnt that great once ya in them.

    not worth the full price 40pounds but worth playing if you like the films etc and if its on offer like now.


  3.  Great for a rail shooter


    Great game for both Resi Fans and Non resi fans who just want kill some zombies :p
    i dont understand how some people are rating this low im still playing it and i brought it when it come out (years ago :p), if your the one in the arcade pumping coins in the shooting games then youll love this.

    even better with the zapper! i purchased the zapper thinking it give more feel of a gun but it actually improved accuracy too. hard to believe a bit of plastic can to that but it does trust me. im popping headshots left right and centre. also people who say its not hard clearly havnt played hard mode the secret missions or the last level boss.

    Dear god my hands had no feeling after them

    graphics are great but you dont buy games to look at it like art do you? YOU PLAY IT
    Interactive cutscenes are good but get annoying if you press wrong button (you start from ya checkpoint again)
    nice selection of weapons you will get ya good guns as you play through and level up after collecting star ratings of how well you play on the level.
    well worth the average 10squid they asking for


  4.  Great price for a Great TV! but DVD player confusion


    this tv is excellent the high contrast knoks spots of ones at similar price. the reason why i rated it 4/5 not 5/5 is because WARNING:to buy the dvd player select it in the basket too, play.com kindly fixed my problem. another WARNING (2): the dvd player comes with no cables at all to connect to TV so make sure you get/got some! hope you enjoy TV as much as i am :)