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  1.  ..because recharging is better than replacing


    Batteries are a pain. They run out, and you don't have any new ones to replace them. Of course, you can always take the ones from the remote control for a while. There must be a better way....

    The play and charge kit does exactly what its name suggests; it allows you to play while it charges. You get a new battery pack attachment for the back of your wireless controller, and usb based cable to do the charging with.

    Charging isn't an issue at all, as the battery charges pretty quickly, and doesn't interrupt your playing. The charge cable is very long, which is a bonus. Just remember that all the time the controller is plugged in to charge, it is still in wireless mode.

    If you've been messing around with batteries, then you need to get this.

  2.  Lacking gameplay


    The moment you see your screen absolutely full of enemies, your heart begins to race, and the game sets itself up for grand battles galore. The main issue is, this feeling is short lived, and it doesn't take long for the battles to turn into a chore.

    A basic overview of what the game entails is as follows:
    Move a bit
    Get to battle - press the same button a lot
    Move some more

    The enemies types make no real difference at all, especially as, at time, there are so many on screen, you just cannot make out what they are. At no point does this game provide anything else but thoughtless button mashing.

    The amount of onscreen activity can sometimes cause the game engine some issues, creating quite a bit of slowdown, making the game a lot less responsive as you play.

    From a technical standpoint, the game is attractive, and the amount of onscreen action is impressive. However, playing it just becomes a tedious mess which you lose patience with fast.

  3.  Enjoyable, but short


    If you like your games simple, or like those of years gone by, then this is the game for you. No messing around with side stories, or choices. Just a simple A-B game the entire way through.

    From a gameplay standpoint, the game is nice and solid. It's easy to get about, and reasonably clear about where you should be going. Camera control would have been nice, but the game does a good job most of the time allowing to view what needs to be viewed.

    The main issue with the game is that it's very short, with little to no reply value. Anybody who plays games semi-regularly will get through this game in a few hours, gaining all achievements very easily. Because of this, it's hard to give the game a high rating, and value for money on it is quite poor.

    It's a decent game while it lasts, but is really the kind of length which only warrants a rental.

  4.  It's good to talk


    If you want to play online with, or against other people, you need a headset.

    This one works very well, providing reasonable comfort and clear sound.

    It does feel a little flimsy to hold, so you'll need to be careful with it, but otherwise, it works great.

  5.  The best signal to your HDTV


    If you are looking to connect your 360 to an HDTV, then this is the best all round method. Sharp images at high resolutions, with bright and vibrant colours.

    The VGA connection is another consideration, as it also produces a great image, and also allows upscaling of DVD's. However, VGA is known to produce washed out images on many televisions.

    If you want to guarantee a good looking picture, component cables are the way to go.

  6.  Just like the previous games


    If you like skateboarding and have a 360, this is currently your only gaming option.

    There's nothing really wrong with the game. In fact, it's pretty fun to play, and is not much different to the previous versions of the game. The issue for me is that by trying to have one big world, it has lost a bit of the attention to detail in level design from years gone by, which makes interest in the game disappear quite quickly.

    The new addition to the game, where you slip into slo-mo mode and make up your own trick is a welcome addition, and certainly adds some appeal to a pretty average game.

  7.  The most fun "novelty" game I have played


    I'll get this out of the way first - this game has more long term appeal than any eyetoy/mic/bongo games out there.

    You get songs, and you get a guitar to play them with. It's such a simple offshoot of the standard rhythm games, and yet it's so much fun.

    The 4 difficulty levels are such that anyone can play this game with a little practice, and feel like a rock god as they complete their first song.

    With the multitude of downloadable songs due to appear, this game is unlikely to get boring any time soon. Even if you choose not to get more content, playing through the standard songs at all difficulties will take quite a while, and certainly provide you with a sore arm.

  8.  Too many flaws to enjoy


    Who doesn't want to play a game where there are thousands of zombies walking around, just waiting to be killed? The problem is, this isn't exactly what you get.

    Unless you complete the game to unlock free roam mode, you are stuck with the very limited story mode. Missions are timed, therefore limiting freedom. Add to this an awful save system, which has 1 slot only, and save points which are out of the way, and you get a game that has a lot of potential, but has too many frustrations to make it appeal for long.

    Also, unless you have an HDTV, you cannot read the text in the game to work out what the missions require. Not an issue for me, but I'm sure it is for many people.

  9.  Big robots and blowing them up


    If you like mech games, then this one is certainly one of the more impressive out there. Fantastic looks, lots of scope to build exactly what you want, and online play is very fun.

  10.  Gotta get 'em all!


    The core gameplay of Crackdown is pretty much the Grand Theft Auto series, but with some enhancements. However, the appeal of the game is far greater than it may seem.

    The main appeal of the game is powering up your agent. This means enhancing the 5 core skills up to their maximum. You enhance the skills by actually using them, or by collecting orbs scattered throughout the game. Want to improve your explosives skill? Just blow up some bad guys.

    This game also has the benefit of online multiplayer, where another player can join you in the city, and you can team up to defeat the gangs, or just go about on you own, but with the ability to chat to the other person in the city.

    The game is great fun, though after you have finished all missions and powered up your character, the value of the game is questionable.