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  1.  Was expecting slightly more...


    Ever since I heard there was a Keith Lemon movie coming out, I couldn't wait to go and see it! I'm a big fan of Celebrity Juice, as, in my opinion, I do find it really funny. I also thought his reality show, Lemon La Vida Loca, was funny. So I had high expectations for this film.
    Admittedly, there were some funny moments in the film, but it wasn't as funny as I thought it'd be. The storyline could have been a lot better than it was. The celebrity appearances were great though :)

  2.  Shakira really knows how to put on a good show!!!


    I went to see Shakira perform this same show, but in Manchester last year, and she was amazing. She really knows how to put on a good show and entertain the audience.
    She sang all her hits and many more, ending with an amazing encore. She's a beautiful and fantastic dancer and I thoroughly enjoyed the show and would definitely go and see her again. She seemed like a nice person and actually looked like she was enjoying herself.
    Would definitely recommend this DVD :)

  3.  Surprisingly good books


    I'm not a huge fan of Katie Price (but I haven't got anything in particular against her), so I was a bit apprehensive about reading her other novels.
    But I've got to say they are all amazing!!! I literally couldn't put them down and I would definitely recommend them!
    They're ghost-written by Rebecca Farnworth, who has her own books out, which are also good :)
    So this book is bound to be just as good as the rest!

  4.  Wolfpack and Mr Chow!!


    Admittedly, this film is not as good as the first.
    But if the first film hadn't been released and this was the first then it would have been amazing.
    It's just because this one has got such high standards to fill after the first, it's going to be difficult for any film to beat that!

    But the Wolfpack is back and Alan is hilarious once again and Bradley Cooper (aka Phil) is just gorgeous!!!!

    Either way, I will definitely be buying this DVD when it's released!

  5.  I love Harry Potter!!!


    This is one of the best Harry Potter films out of the whole series and I can not wait for part 2!!!
    I never normally cry at films, but I cried at the end of this!
    Agree with someone else who has written a review for this film - no words can describe how amazing this film is!

  6.  One of Shakira's best albums!!!


    Despite understanding/speaking very little Spanish I really love this album! I honestly think it's one of Shakira's best!
    There are some stand out tracks for me - Ciega Sordomuda, Si Te Vas, Ojos Asi and Inevitable. But I don't dislike the others, I just prefer the ones I have listed.
    I've also had the privilege to see Shakira sing these songs live at one of her UK shows in 2010. She was amazing!!!

  7.  Check it's compatible with your PC before buying!!!


    Someone bought me this for Christmas after I specifically requested it. I couldn't wait to play it but after I'd installed it and clicked play it froze and wouldn't load and then said 'computer not responding.' It's supposed to be compatible with Windows Vista (it even says on the case) but it wouldn't work.
    Thinking it could be my computer playing up, I tried installing it on a different computer (also supposedly compatible with the game) but that wouldn't work either.
    So I've had to get a refund on it! Which I am absolutely gutted about. I was so looking forward to playing it!! I've read the book and seen the film, so I had high expectations.
    I'm sure it could be a brilliant game. I've got all the others on PS2 (I had to buy this on PC because they don't make new PS2 games) and they're great. It's just a shame it doesn't work for me!
    I'm giving it 3 stars purely because it's Harry Potter!!! ;)

  8.  Kylie Minogue- The Princess of Pop is back!!!


    I had pre ordered this album and couldn't wait to hear it. Sure enough, I'm not disappointed by it. I've only listened to it a couple of times and I absolutely love it. I think it's one of her best yet! The track called 'Aphrodite' on this album is amazing. It's my favourite song on there at the minute. I'm so glad Kylie is back and this album definitely deserves to be Number 1!!!

  9.  Most Haunted Top 50!


    I have watched "Most Haunted- Top 25 Moments" on TV about a year ago and I loved that. So, in my opinion, the Top 50 Moments is just even better! It's just short clips of the best (and some funny) parts of the show since it began in 2002.

  10.  great film!


    I actually loved this film. It is a bit confusing and you do have to pay attention to it all the way through or you'll lose what's happening. But it is really good!