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  1.  A bit bland


    I thoroughly enjoyed the first few books, they were exciting and full of action. But now that the war on the seven kingdoms has sort of come to an end, not much happens.
    Over the first few books we built up a relation to the characters, for example I particularly enjoyed Tyrion's chapters, and Jon's. But in A Feast for Crows we are introduced to completely new characters who aren't even given a name.
    I start reading it, wondering where Martin is taking it, but I reach the end of the chapter and nothing much has happened to a character that we have never previously read about before. Also all the way through there are constant references to the forthcoming winter, the tension is slowly building around it. But it never seems to come, it's dragged out rather pointlessly. Winters coming, it's a little closer, wait for it, not long now, this will be the last harvest, it's getting colder, it will be here soon, it's getting closer.....and that's the end of the book.
    So as I said in the title, it's a bit bland, at least compared to the books predecessors. After the tumultuous excitement, and betrayal, plot twists and edge of your seat reading in the first books I got to this and was slightly dissapointed. Everything just grinds along at a snails pace.

    However having said all this Ayra and Jaime's storylines are quite intriguing, they are what really saved the books for me. But towards the end I just felt like I was reading on just so I could get to the next book in the hope that something actually happens.

  2.  Nothing special


    I think this game should be called: modern warfare 2.1
    Nothing has really changed, same old story mode, multiplayer exactly the same just different maps.
    Special ops again not much different
    Gameplay exactly the same
    Graphics are very hard to tell apart from modern warfare 2
    The only thing that is worth noting is survival mode, its apparently "new" but is based on the same concept as zombies. Waves of people this time, that you have to fend off.
    Overall yes its an improvement, but something thats worth paying 40 quid for??? im not so sure

  3.  Truly amazing!


    Ive had this game for nearly a year now and its sublime. However i will start off with the negative stuff. Firstly it does take an age to load sometimes, which isnt helped by the fact the online servers arent the best, expect some lag, and disconnections, but thats like any other online game. Secondly the graphics do leave a bit to be desired in places, the scenery is absolutely incredible. But as people have mentioned some of the cars are very second rate.
    But if you look past that and concentrate on the physics of the game i was blown away. I found the controls on GT3 and GT4 to be a bit sluggish, but on here they have mastered it, its very responsive, and makes you feel that is actually how they will handle in real life.
    The range of cars is amazing, from Suzuki Midgets to 800bhp le man cars. If you have a favourite car chances are its on this game. Although i was very dissapointed that there are no Porsches on the game just RUFs.
    As for the online community well its huge. Check out the website GTPlanet, there are loads of online racing leagues, drifting leagues, drag racing championships and so on. If you are looking for serious racing then this is the game for you, a vast amount to do with the set up, with Diff setting, suspension, transmission etc etc
    But even if you are looking for some fun the career mode is perfect, unlike previous games you arent stuck with a rubbish car for ages. it doesnt take long to level up.
    There are still so many plus points to this game but i would be sat here typing for weeks. Just please take my word for it and buy this game, every person i have spoken to loves it.

  4.  truly epic!!!


    this is why i prefer treyarchs games to infinity wards. firstly the solo it magnificent, it doesnt last 5 minutes it will give you hours and hours of gameplay. the story is innovative and original, unlike mw2 which was just a carbon copy of cod 4. as for graphics its a bit odd, in some places they are the best ive seen and in others they do seem a bit unfinished.
    zombies amazing as always, bit dissapointed that you cant play as john f kennedy, and castro from the begining, i guess they will be downloadable at a later date.
    multiplayer it the best part though, purely because of wager matches, treyarch again has brought something new and exiting to the cod franchise, which is lacking with IW.
    also on both multiplayer and zombies you can play split screen online, which me and my mates will use a lot (only you and one other person)
    all in all its a magnificent game, far improved from earlier cods, i dont know what people on here are complaining about, just MW2 fanboys i suspect, stop raping that game and try something new!!

  5.  Very good


    I have to say this is a very good film, if you are looking for a very scary film i would advise not to buy this, but it has got a very clever story but i wont spoil it.
    and also the performance by nicole kidman is superb, its just a good film pure and simple, no cliches, no american gimicks, great acting and great story
    watch it, you wont be dissapointed