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  1.  Best Phone Ever!


    This is the best phone I have ever owned. It is very fast and responsive. Easy to use and set-up.

    I loved the S2 but this is even better. Before I bought it I was debating whether to get this s3 or the iPhone4s but after comparing my phone with my mates iPhone4s, This was defiantly the best choice.

    I think all the features are great, but my favourite is the camera. It is 8MP but some of the settings and options make the camera brilliant, some of the photos I have taken are better than photos I have seen on professional cameras.

    The screen is excellent and is the clearest screen I have ever seen. The first thing I did when I got the phone was play the sample movie, it shows how clear and detailed the screen is.

    I was most impressed with the speed of the internet when connected to WiFi. I have 30Mbps internet speed at home and when I did a speed check on my phone whilst near to the router it I get 29.5Mbps which is the same as a wired connection to my computer, barely losing anything! When I am in my bedroom, 2 floors above the router, I get 10Mbps which is excellent for the distance.

    I was sceptical about the size of the phone before I received it but I got use to it straight away and now any smaller screen looks too small, If you are worried about the size of the phone, I wouldn't let it put you off, it is extremely thin and light which makes up the for the large surface area. With a big screen, it offers great usability, browsing the internet is easy because you can see a lot more than with a smaller screen phone. The keyboard is easy to use and when you tilt the phone sidewards the keyboard is even bigger and the phone is the perfect size to type.

    The 16GB storage is plenty for me but its good that a storage card can be used with it for anyone that needs more space.

    There are widgets and apps which can be added to the home screens which make it very personalise. There is also a data usage setting which tells you how much data you have used on mobile data and through WiFi so it is easy to monitor your usage, it also allows you to set a warning limit and a cut off limit so you never go over your allowance. However, I haven't had my first bill yet so I can't say how accurate it is compared to the networks usage, I assume it can only be correct.

    Minor Negative Points:

    The email system is good but was a bit complicated to set up and at first all my folders didn't sync, however I have fixed it now and its fine. It pushes you to use gmail as it is very compatible with it but using hotmail or yahoo gave me syncing problems at first.

    I don't know if it is how I am using the phone or if it is awkward for everyone, but when I try to copy text on certain websites or applications, it tends to zoom in and out rather than highlighting text, sometimes it is a pain to move the cursor between letters when writing text.

    There are some apps that I cant find on the playstore like Polaris Office (It only has Polaris Office Viewer) which are available on the S2 but I am guessing this will be available in the future.

    However, I wouldn't let this put you off because they are very small issues.