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  1.  Superb 3d...........


    Waited for this a long time not for the film itself which is quite good but for the 3D presentation.
    It was better than I expected and I expected a lot.
    Fabulous picture and sound quality and superlative 3D. The scenes in the forest amongst all the beautiful plants and trees are literally breathtaking.
    The colour pallet is astonishing, and the 3D so real you feel you can walk through your TV screen and into Pandora.
    Very highly recommended.
    Mr. Cameron, more 3D like this please...............

  2.  Outstanding.......


    Epic film, superb picture and sound quality, amazing 3D.
    This is a must-have.
    James Cameron is king of the 3D world. The 4 disc collector's edition is the way to go, excellent package, 5 stars all round.

  3.  Great 3D, good film......


    I enjoyed this film just as much as the first, (didn't much care for the second), but the 3rd film is definitely worth watching.
    The 3D is excellent, what 3D should be like; nothing flies out of the screen at you, but there is excellent depth in many of the scenes, particularly during the last hour or so.
    The action scenes are amazing, the CGI exemplary; I'm sure the robots must be real!
    Excellent picture quality, excellent 3D, excellent sound.
    Nobody does it like Michael Bay.
    Highly recommended.

  4.  Yo-ho me hearties.................


    Thoroughly enjoyed this installment; better than the 3rd in the series by a mile.
    The 3D is very good, giving great depth to the picture. Picture and sound quality very good.
    Well worth having.

  5.  FORCE yourself...............


    This set is well worth the purchase. Picture quality varies from very good to excellent, and the sound quality throughout is superb.
    I don't join in the hysteria regarding the original trilogy not being included, I don't care. This is how George Lucas has presented the films, therefore, this is Star Wars.
    I also like the prequels; even though I consider several of the leading characters to be mis-cast; but, this is Star Wars.
    Two thumbs up from Robbersdog.

  6.  Fishy but good.........


    Bought this as my first 3D Blu-ray. Very good picture quality, very good sound, good 3D effects, gore, girls, nasty fish, and all for 5.99 from Play.com.
    GET IT.......

  7.  First class entertainment........


    This is a stunning 3D presentation of an excellent film for all ages.
    The picture and sound quality are both first class.
    The 3D is astonishing; this is how 3D SHOULD be; not so much things flying out of the screen; but a fantastic sense of depth to the picture.
    And, you have Maximus the horse. Wonderful!
    If you have a 3D TV, this is a must-have.
    Excellent in 2D also.

  8.  Excellent Blu-ray package..............


    Another stunning HBO box set. Excellent picture quality and a superb DTS-MA soundtrack, together with stunning, almost scary battle scenes. One can only begin to guess what the real thing must have been like.
    An absolute must-own package.

  9.  Classic film.......................


    I got the Collector's Edition box set from the US last year. Excellent Blu-ray package.
    I am assuming the transfer on this disc will be the same; and so is an absolute must-have.
    A 1957 film with an astonishing polish, both to the sound, and the picture.
    Obviously, there are some limitations, it's an old film, but for me it was like seeing it for the first time; and it's a David Lean film.
    An absolute classic, that looks like a new film.
    Treat yourself, you won't be disappointed.

  10.  A cinematic triumph....................


    Got this from the US last year. A superb Blu-ray package; first class picture and audio, fantastic extras; the transfer has got to be seen and heard to be believed.
    Order it NOW!
    One of the great films of all time, on one of the best Blu-ray's ever.