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  1.  Great Product .... But


    I installed this HD & followed a tutorial on utube for replacing the HD. However was getting all sorts of error's & capability issues. Thinking it was a faulty HD. But no....Checked this guy out called "robgroove" on utube, who takes you through what you need to do regards installing the HD to sorting these error messages....

  2. inFamous



    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £14.08

     Got for my birthday. AMAZING, SUCH FUN!! No repetition


    This game rates out brilliant games to date including Terminator Salvation (from my point of view), Ghostbusters and Ratchet and Clank (All from 1 to Quest for booty apart from size matters ugh!). Its easy. Free running increases the enlargement of the scale on how open worlded this game is. Complete free roam adds to the excitement and never have i been so enthralled with a storyline in a game before but this game ticks the box. Amazing graphics, so beautiful. Addictive. People say there's repetition but i tell you now, there isn't any in this at all. Missions are amazing, my personal favorite being el train and dark water. Story missions are just as exciting. Game is incredibly long but has enough difficulty to keep you challenged. Bosses are varied but still good. Powers are fantastic with lightning storm, megawatt hammer and the proverbial lightning bolt. Exciting, non-repetitive and enjoyable of every minute. Oh and Cole is no doubts the new ultimate computer game character, im like who does not like him.

  3.  I apologise for my previous review on this game


    I've played this game countless time recently and it has completely changed my opinion on it. I think it is hugely enjoyable with countless places to go and many different resources to utilize.

  4.  This game is majorly disappointing


    I bought this glamorous looking game with Marvel Ultimate alliance. Was very disappointed with the boring capabilities. Fits into one of my favorite gaming genres, stealth and doesn't deliver any excellence. Boring fighting sequences and seemingly uncooperative cutscenes, usually with Batman swinging in to kill someone, that's it. Pointless, only rent!

  5. Fracture



    1 New from  £11.08  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.02

     Excellent Sci-fi


    Shows true potential as a Sci-fi shooter. Outer space isn't involved to all those Star Wars lovers but some wicked weaponry, from the heavy but deadly Bangalore, to the light but muscular Scorpion Rifle, the devastating vortex grenade to my personal favorite, the destructive ST-4.Plenty of gadgets at your disposal, the best being the entrencher. Graphics are stupendous with evil enemies looking as evil as any i've seen before in a game.

  6.  Iron Man rocks superheroes of the planet. Repulsors ready!


    Action packed, high tech phenomenon all packed within a small DVD case. Excellent performances from great actors such as Jeff Bridges, formally known from Tron, Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow. Special effects are very good. But is it a match for The Dark Knight. I don't think so!

  7.  Played the demo, truly legendary


    This game is a breakthrough for gaming ever since the like of LittleBigPlanet. Awesome gameplay, seemingly grotesque enemies but at the same time extravagantly fun to fight against. Game produces the same comical element to the ghostbusters franchise, mainly shown within the small cutscenes throughout the game. I think i'm suffering from i want Ghostbusters, inFAMOUS and Terminator Salvation on PS3. Maybe its a new epidemic since swine flu?

  8.  No mster bond, i expect you to thrill the audience!!!!!!!!!!


    Best bond ever. I loved this so much, i wish he had his laser watch but i really dont care because its such a great movie, I love it so much. All of it was good, every bit was either action, exciting or informative. Like every bit, didnt get bored once. Pussy Galore is the best bond girl yet, she is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  9.  Simply extordinary, something special for the collection.


    This game is considerably hard but absoulutely,a hundered percent one of the best, cant stop playing it. action pretty good, gadgets simply phenomenal and stealth sequences are awesome. Fav bit of the entire game has got to be when you have to use your cord thingy to activate these computer hacker things, like in the first one with the computer. Takedowns are awesome. Enjoy stealth bits the most.

  10.  Really adictive


    Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson shine in this cool Star Wars film. Cant stop watching it, really superb fighting skill at the end, cant believe how much i watch this film, its really something special. please buy this and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did