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  1.  As cool as Ice


    Not sure why the other reviewer disliked this so much.
    Forget truth or facts and enjoy the film for what it is and that is a well acted, easy to follow story of a contract killer.
    Michael Shannon was perfectly cast for the role and does not disappoint.
    This definitely has reply value in my honest opinion and well worth the price tag.

  2.  Really funny and enjoyable film


    This does does include the Theatrical (98 minutes) and Extended (106 minutes) Versions

  3.  Blu-ray information


    We all know that this is an epic film.
    What im sure you would like to know is that this does contain the theatrical and extended editions of the film.
    It comes with a slip cover and the case cover is the same as the slip cover.

  4.  Comedy Horror


    I really don't know why people did not enjoy this?
    It was great to see Brandon Roth back in action, the action is good, the adaption from the comic book is spot on & overall I enjoyed watching it. I don't know why it is taking so long to release this in the UK as it was available 6 months ago in the US.

    I'm going to buy it, give it a chance, you might be surprised how much you enjoy it

  5.  Another Remake but better than the rest


    The remakes over the years have been questionable to say the least, this remake however breaks the mold.

    The blu-ray picture is by far the best I have ever seen & the DTS-HD soundtrack is clear capturing the feel of the movie perfectly.

    I found the film to be action packed from begining to end with quite a few comedy moments, the cast does a great job, the effects are very well done.

    Paul W.S Anderson (Resident Evil Saga) should be proud.

    This is the kind of film that I could watch many many times, even though I have seen an early preview I have pre-ordered this with Play.com as I think its is a must buy for any Blu-ray collection.

  6.  TNG on Blu-ray


    Its great to see that TNG is coming to Blu-ray this summer, you also get a five pound off voucher with this disc.
    Personally im in two minds wether to get it or not, let me explain why.
    I bought all the hard plastic cased TNG when originally released on DVD at 75 pounds a time, do I really want to spend that again or do you?

    You might, carry on reading about this disc below....

    3 Episodes with English 7.1 DTS-HD, French/Japanese/Spanish Mono & German Stereo

    Subtitles English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish & Swedish

    Running time 182mins

    Sins of the Father Episode contains 13 seconds of upscaled video as the original elements have not been located.

    All episodes are 1080p but only 4:3 ratio (Full Frame) which is a missed opportunity in my opinion, they are also a little grainy but still look great.

    I would imagine this is how the full set will look once released, now you know a little more about them its time to decide if you want to purchase them or not, if you do play.com is the perfect place to pre-order.

  7.  Great film, poor release, read on


    This film was really good, very entertaining, great story and some nice twists.

    I'm sorry to say that this version does not do the film justice as it has just shy of a minute cut, dialog changed and scene's tammed.

    You can find a full list on the net.

    Why we have had this injustice with a 15 rating is beyond me.

    If you have a multi-region blu-ray player the US version gives you the choice of both versions, just as the UK release should have done.

    5 stars for the film minus 1 for the poor release by Momentum.

  8.  Funniest film I have seen in a while


    Directed by Dennis Dugan who I remember as a kid in The Space Man and King Arthur really does another fine job in directing yet another Adam Sandler film.
    Dennis has directed nearly all if not all the best and funniest Adam Sandler films made, this film is a laugh a minute with the typical Adam Sandler film formula.
    I'm buying this as soon as it's released

  9.  Disappointing


    Dreamcast games on the 360, Is it me or do Sega seem to always know how to mess things up

    Lets start with the choice, 4 games!!! What a wasted opportunity, all Dreamcast games were under 1GB in size so they could have gotten at least 8 on here.

    The selection, hmmm, Sonic has been done to death and a lazy conversion, Crazy Taxi, good choice and it was well documented that it would not include the Offsprings tracks so that was expected. Rapala, never a big seller so why include this.

    Finally Space Channel 5 Pt 2 (why I bought this) What happened to Pt 1? I love music based games and had Pt 1 on the Dreamcast so a good choice for me.

    Originally I heard these were suppose to be Arcade games so this release is a little surprising, not worth its full retail price but in a sale worth picking up otherwise disappointing.

  10.  The best to have


    Although expensive this is by far the best built mount kit for your Kinect.
    It comes with every type of screw needed (it only requires 2) to connect it to your TV via the wall mount holes in the back of your HDTV, it extends the range so you don't need as much space (although Kinect does require alot of space anyway). Very easy to put together.

    The mount is adjustable so TV size will not be an issue, i''m using it on a 42" Toshiba with no problems at all, it's solid, sturdy and a must buy.