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  1.  just breath taking-ly good :D:D


    waw ! if you were to design the perfect headphones = it would be these ! their perfect for the gym , out running , sitting in your room , walking down the street , anywhere , there perfect ! they never come loose , you can fling your head around like a mad man and do the most intense head banging ever and they still dont come out lol ! perfect for sports ! just perfect over-all , absolutely no negatives or complaints !

  2.  If your thinking of buying these , PLEASE READ THIS FIRST


    First i just want to say that if you are a bodybuilder then these arent for you !

    The first problem i came across was that you cant wear a hoody if you have these on ( because the hood of your hoody rubs against the neck band and moves the headphones about ) , i also noticed that ( because i have quite large traps because i am a bodybuilder ) even if i tilted my head backwards the neckband would press against my traps and move around and be really annoying ! as for the fit , they fit amazingly and do NOT come loose or fall out so that was the only reason i gave them one more than 1 star !

    i then noticed that when you lay back on a bench or rest your head back against a bench the neckband slightly rubs against the bench and puts you off your set.

    the next thing that went wrong was that after about 3 weeks or so the left earphone just decided to stop working ??? maybe i recieved a faulty pair but this just shouldnt happen at all !

    i would say these would be great for skinny ( no trap ) runners ( who only run and dont go to the gym ) that never wear hoodys lol !

    a product that i would recomend would be the twist to fit seinnheiser sport ones because they never ever failed me ( i stupidly lost them and decided to try and upgrade and try something different , a choice i now regret lol ). i guess you shouldnt try to fix something if it aint broke lol !

    hope this helped