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  1.  Best Game Ever, Worst Install Ever!


    I've had this game pre-ordered since the very first day it appeared on play, i waited and waited and finally got it, amazing!!

    I started to install the game and expected it to take a long time so went off to do other things, when i came back it was all ready to go. I started it up and it required something called Social Club and Windows Live, I installed these and created accounts, but the Social club wouldn't connect to something called a gamertag which wasn't explained. After about an hour of trying options i got that working, went to start the game only to recieve an MMA10 error. After much hunting around on the net i found it won't log in with Social Club logged in, so logged out and tried again, and started the game, looked great. But now it won't save progress, and my PS2 controller with the Play USB adapter won't work.

    After much searching i found an overwrite for some windows DLL's to get a few of the PS2 controls working, with a combination of keyboard and PS2 it's playable.

    Managed to log into windows Live through the game so it now saves progress and i can finally play.

    Many hours were spent sorting this. So wasn't at all happy, however the game is actually fantastic, there are so many minor touches that are superb like pushing open doors, the way Nikko runs down stairs and the gfx on the cut scenes. All brilliant, however without a monster machine it's jerky on anything more than optimum settings which on my machine (which isn't at all underpowered, 2.66 Dual Core 2, 3gig Ram, 512mb 8800GT XFX) is frankly almost at lowest.

    Rockstar say that this game is future proof where you can play for years to come on the new extra powerful machines. But that's no good for the people who want to play it now!!

    Game - 5/5
    Install - 0/5
    Ability to play smoothly 3/5