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  1.  More of the same.


    A great book. But dont be fooled, as this is the first part of a book that came out last July(?) as a whole. confused as to why this has been re-released...and would recommend finding the book in its entirety. Nonetheless, another good and intriguing sequel in the Game of Thrones series.

  2.  Superb start.


    After growing up watching various incarnations of Star Trek, and almost outgrowing it, this film managed to bring back the perfect mix of a well established universe of story and new innovation. The casting, although surprising, works marvelously, and the (spolier) introduction of the old Spock to the new one manages to tie continuity into a film that uses time travel. Kudos to all involved, and I'm actually eager to see the ensuing films.

  3.  Superb


    Havent found any other game that combines RP and FPS so well. Not only is the gameplay itself satisfying (although vastly different from game ssuch as CoD and Halo, so beware if that's your thing) but the effort put into the script, locations and addon packs is immense. Truly a pleasure to play, this will keep me satisfied until Borderlands 2 comes out. By the way, it really is more fun with more people, but enjoyable enough by yourself too. Increasingly rare these days...

  4.  Naturally excellent


    The film was in keeping with Pegg & Frost's comedic stylings, and delivered everything we've come to expect from the duo. Although, its worth noting that this ISNT within the Cornetto Trilogy....different director.

    Shall be grabbing this as a further monument to the superb comedy, despite reservations about the CGI. Which were done well enough so as not to stand out. Kudos.

  5.  Superb


    Had the official drum kit, and the bass pedal broke. At the time, this and some expensive bass pedals were available, so I opted for this. I'm so glad I did, since the pads themselves are slightly quieter, FAR more responsive (you wont miss beats on red anymore), the bass pedal is wide and comfortable, and if anything more sensetive than the original, and best of all I attatched it with double sided sticky pads to my old frame in the best upgrade I've ever done =] Looking for a replacement kit? Look no further, this is better than the original.